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Discover the new look of a cutting edge interface and innovative tools for creating extraordinary content2 min read

8 May 2023

Discover the new look of a cutting edge interface and innovative tools for creating extraordinary content2 min read

Have you heard the news? launched its new platform a few days ago and the new features are amazing! At a glance, the first thing you notice is definitely the new look: we have completely changed the interface, making it simpler and more efficient.

Our tools (of which there are more than 40) are now much easier to use. We have focused on developing the most advanced artificial intelligence models, integrating our tools into GPT 4 in some of them to ensure the best results. launches 40 new tools

Over 40 new tools have been added to the new platform that will enable users to create more diverse and high-quality content. Many new and improved features have been added: we have implemented AI Chat, our privacy-friendly alternative after the closure of Chat Gpt in Italy, a perfect tool to find ideas for projects, ask questions and find inspiration. From now on, it will also be easier to manage your blog by generating SEO-optimised content and more… Thanks to the text generation tools, ranging from ‘Article Generator’ to the creation of creative stories, it will be possible to produce a text in seconds, complete with titles and subtitles. If, on the other hand, texts are already ready on the platform, it will be possible to summarise them, rewrite them by changing words and correct grammar automatically.

We all know how strategic the promotion of content is. That is why we have also developed a number of dedicated tools for social media publishing and advertising, from Facebook and Google Ads to Instagram Captions. If, on the other hand, you deal with e-commerce and email marketing, then you won’t be able to do without industry-specific tools. Thanks to, you will be able to generate product descriptions in no time, choose the best keywords and get tips on how to write emails in minutes.

We have also enhanced our AI translation tools, integrating over 25 languages (they will be continuously updated) to the platform, making it perfect for a global audience. Of course, for each translation it will also be possible to ask for human proofreading by relying on our international hub of experienced creators.


While there are many advances on the tech side, we also know how important it is to present our human-in-the-loop approach. In fact, the possibility of human checking when necessary and when requested by the customer remains unchanged. We have dozens of editors, translators and proofreaders at our disposal.

In summary,’s new SaaS platform offers users the latest technology to create high-quality content quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. With its wide range of features and continuous updates, the platform is the perfect choice for any content marketing professional. Take advantage of the free-trial offered by to test it today!

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