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NLG: how to make content with the Natural Language Generation5 min read

3 June 2021


NLG: how to make content with the Natural Language Generation5 min read

Before moving on to the implementation of this innovative writing system, it is good to start from its origin and definition. This technology has existed since the mid-1960s, but its widespread use has only recently seen the light of day.

NLG: what it is and how it works

The Natural Language Generation, or NLG, is a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to produce textual content. NLG automation is comparable to the mental process that the human being performs for the development of ideas in writing or speech.

The concept itself is much more complex, as the system employs algorithms capable of generating natural language texts, as a result of extrapolating data contained in a reference database. For this process to happen, the data provided by the database is related through logical connectors and previously established rules.

How to make content with NLG

In the Natural Language Generation, the system has to decide how to turn a concept into words and that’s why it exploits Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). In order for the text to be produced to be in line with the company’s mission, however, the presence of a Project Manager is fundamental: its task will be to insert rules and variables in the software instructions, so that this can then correctly generate ad hoc content.

The benefits

NLG software, through the transformation of data into natural language, can prove to be a really useful tool to create personalized and optimized text content for the web, mobile apps, reports and more.

The advantages of using this technology are really many, especially those related to the reduction of costs and time to create content in text format. Being an intelligent software, moreover, the quality of what is produced is absolutely high, so much so that it can be thought to be the result of a human mind.

Grammatically correct content

Another feature of text produced through Natural Language Generation is the absence of grammatical errors. When producing content that anyone can use, it is essential not to run into typos, which could easily happen in the case of the use of a human Copywriter.

The text is thus correct from a morphological point of view and with regard to syntax, as well as consistent in tone and style, both pre-set through customizable rules and in line with the tone of voice of the content.

Making SEO oriented content

You can also insert SEO optimization elements, or Search Engine Oriented, so that the contents realized can be successfully placed on search engines, a now essential feature of text production on web. All this translates into greater visibility of the content as well as of the company to which it refers.

Uses of the NLG

Creating content through the NLG, rather than with the use of a Copywriter, is therefore a very effective strategy also in the field of Content Marketing.

In addition to the aforementioned industry, the Natural Language Generation has great application in E-Commerce, for news as well as in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors. Also for the drafting of promotional texts and therefore the enrichment of marketing strategy, nlg proves to be up to the task, as well as in the conversion of data and tables into easily usable texts.

E-commerce and NLG

As far as E-Commerce and the pharmaceutical industry are concerned, the NLG demonstrates its great usefulness in writing product cards given the large amount of content that these companies find themselves having to upload online.

A system that exploits Artificial Intelligence halves production times and therefore costs, allowing a periodic modification of texts based on the arrival of new products or the evolution of the offer. In this case we are therefore talking about indexed, structured catalogs that can be easily browsed by the customer.

NLG in newsrooms

On the other hand, with regard to newsrooms, Natural Language Generation software can be successful in writing articles on weather and sport. This content is often subject to repetitiveness, mostly those that talk about weather forecasts.

The need to produce texts quickly, updated in real time and with an original touch is the basis of web publishing, now spread like wildfire. Here NLG technology offers a great help, just think of the results of a football or basketball game: fairly schematic content, but it must be published as quickly as possible and often in real time.

Produce news via NLG

Even with regard to news writing, the process of textual production through NLG does not change. It starts from data already collected in the company database, extrapolated and processed by an Artificial Intelligence through logical and coherent ties. According to a report, which took stock of the market for NLG platforms in 2019, 25% of companies will use such software between now and 2022.

Software NLG

Some Natural Language Generation software can be found in the free version, but it is often a 30-day trial and in any case with different limitations of use. In general, it is necessary to contact companies that offer NLG technologies to define with their Project Manager the target recipient of the content that is intended to be produced through Artificial Intelligence.




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