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Metaverse: All The Potential Of The New Virtual And Immersive World3 min read

30 September 2022


Metaverse: All The Potential Of The New Virtual And Immersive World3 min read

In all likelihood, between social networks, online newspapers and the news, you will have heard of Metaverse at least once. This word evokes science fiction or, for the more passionate, the evocative multiverse of Marvel films and comics. 

But what exactly are we talking about when we refer to the Metaverse? And what might be its potential not only in an ideal world but also in the much more concrete world of corporate realities?

Let us try to answer these and other questions on the subject, trying to shed light on a reality that needs an in-depth exploration.

What Is The Metaverse

Metaverse is a term which was undoubtedly not coined recently. It dates back to some cyberpunk tales of early 1990. The term refers to a parallel, immaterial virtual reality. In a space constituted by our avatars, we can move and act as if we were in the real physical world.

Metaverse is thus a universe where virtual and augmented reality merge, allowing us to immerse ourselves in an unprecedented and completely new world.

How to enter the Metaverse

To access the Multiverse, users have two ways: one more exclusive, the other more accessible. Living a virtual experience in an even more immersive way is possible when wearing special 3D visors. 

These allow immersing yourself 100% in virtual reality, meeting other users and handling objects as if you’re in the real world. But the visors cost money and represent only one of the various ways to access the multiverse.

Creating one’s avatar for the Metaverse is very simple and can allow becoming part of this virtual reality without too many problems. The platforms that allow us to enter the Multiverse today include popular ones like Decentraland, Stageverse and Sandbox

Each of them allows you to create your avatar, to become a ‘virtual citizen’ of the Metaverse. Within this, you can transact in shops, construct buildings, participate in virtual concerts, and so on. 

In short, all it takes to access the Metaverse are three things: a computer, smartphone, tablet, good Internet connection and an ad hoc platform to act as a conduit.

Fields for application of the Metaverse: how it evolves

In an increasingly digitised context, this parallel universe offers companies great room for manoeuvre. Gaming companies like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox have recently relied on the Metaverse to organise special events.

Travis Scott and Marshmello have also used virtual reality to organise exclusive live performances. Various brands also promote particular products and services to users effectively. 

The education field can also benefit from the Metaverse, such as attending lectures and participating in in-depth research campuses in an immersive manner, almost like in the real world. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this shift towards increasing distance learning.

But the Metaverse can also have infinite applications. The food and beverage industry has recently been testing the creation of NFT labels for its products. In the travel industry, users who cannot visit certain distant places can get close to them with the help of virtual tools.

Artificial Intelligence And Its Role In The Metaverse

AI benefits the Metaverse. It enables the automatic and rapid construction, almost without human intervention, of very realistic virtual environments and avatars that closely resemble the users who access them. 

Using AI, it is also possible to create personal assistants and virtual characters from scratch. Artificial Intelligence also allows automatic filtering of content that might violate the privacy or sensibilities of users based on a set of guidelines set by the developers. 

In this way, the Metaverse can increasingly represent a safe space where users are guaranteed free experiences that are safe from potential dangers.

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