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Guest post: how to do link building and what are the 3 mistakes to avoid3 min read

18 May 2021


Guest post: how to do link building and what are the 3 mistakes to avoid3 min read

Behind every successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is a great link building plan that aims to bring new backlinks to the best pages on your website. It is not an easy job, it takes time but it can lead to enormous satisfaction since a good distribution of backlinks is still today the main positioning factor of a site of any type.

Link building is the strategy to acquire direct links to your site from other sites, it serves to increase the authority of a site and to make it stand out among the search results in its reference sector. Clearly, the more authoritative the site that connects to us, the more our online project will acquire “prestige” and therefore value, in terms of positioning, in the eyes of search engines.

As mentioned above, one of the most effective techniques for getting the desired results is guest blogging, a term that is now commonly used by a growing number of people, but not everyone really knows how it works.

What are guest posts?

Let’s take a concrete example to better understand: a blog owner publishes your post as a guest on their site. This is what guest blogging is all about in a nutshell: posting articles on someone else’s sites.

The publication request can start either from the owner of the blog who invites guests to write articles to keep their blog updated, or directly on the initiative of the author of the article in question.

Guest post: how to do link building

Creating backlinks takes time and isn’t exactly straightforward – it’s a strategy whereby you get links from other sites that link back to your pages.

Guest posting is not a new topic and is seen as one of the most effective methods to create backlinks, also because it is not simply a matter of acquiring a good backlink but of starting a tactic of building relationships between the two sites that could benefit both bringing new qualified traffic and greater authority.

How to create a truly effective and natural looking strategy?

  1. Identify potential blogs to ask for a guest post, consistent with you, your ideas, and in line with the topics you cover or work with.
  2. Once identified, contact the owners of the blog, introducing yourself clearly and explaining to them that you are interested in writing a valuable guest post, on a particular topic to indicate, in exchange for a backlink to their site.
  3. Obviously an intermediate implicit step concerns the evaluation of the authoritativeness of the site in question.
  4. Make sure you include a two-line caption to explain to the readers of the guest post who the author is and why you are writing about that particular topic, perhaps by linking to work done on your website.
  5. When writing a guest post, don’t include the most important keywords in the title, or rather don’t use the keyword in the title for which you want to rank on your site.
  6. Track and measure results: Finally, make sure you have an SEO analysis tool for your website to track visits, leads and benefits from guest posts posted.

Link Building: the mistakes not to make

It’s essential to create valuable content and avoid these three tactics, widely frowned upon by Google:

Excess keywords (keyword rich links) to your site and articles
• Using article authors who are unfamiliar with the topics they are writing about
• Using the same or similar content in articles on different websites

It is obvious that those contents were created with the sole purpose of obtaining backlinks and since Google notices this penalizes them.




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