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How to analyze the performance of a website: here are the winning techniques4 min read

13 May 2021


How to analyze the performance of a website: here are the winning techniques4 min read

Analyzing the performance of a website is essential for anyone who deals with a digital project. But how do you analyze a website? Let’s see it together.

Website performance analysis: the best techniques

To analyze the performance of a website there are many solutions. First of all, we must know that the analysis of a website does not only concern the purely technical aspect. This means that the audit of a site must be carried out on two fronts: technical performance of the site and low performance.

What does it mean? On the one hand it is necessary to check the performance of the site such as page loading speed, 404 errors, mobile optimization, links that bring nothing, any images that are not displayed.

On the other hand, it is necessary to check the site for the contents and their optimization for search engines: which pages are indexed, how they rank in the serp, which are penalized and for what reasons.

The instruments

When analyzing the performance of a website, one of the first steps is to check for updates. A recent come out update that wasn’t installed could slow down the website. Of course, before updating, it is essential to make a backup in order not to lose data and contents.

There are many tools for analyzing a site. Starting from the insights of the site itself, thanks to which we can proceed to a first check: check the most visited pages, check the users’ browsing process. It also allows us to view the history of the last few months.

We can also have a checking by inserting this link in the address bar:

In this way, the search engine will look for the pages of the domain site.

By entering the URL of a single page, you can check the metatag and the default pages: these are test pages that are being built on the site, but often forgotten when the site goes online.

To follow the progress of your site and its performance, to understand if your digital project is progressing well or not, you will also need to evaluate specific elements that affect the use of the costumer.

Do not forget that it is the user experience that determines the success of your digital project: the user who finds interesting content comes back, as well as the user who manages to subscribe easily to the newsletter or the one who manages to make a purchase without having to take too many steps.

In this sense it is very important to check where the navigation of your site stops, how many pages are viewed before exiting, how many purchasing processes started are interrupted before reaching the conclusion.

With a SEO audit analysis you can find any broken links, images that cannot be viewed, slowdowns in loading.

Website performance: mobile

Today more and more users surf from mobile, so your site cannot fail to be optimized for smartphone use as well. More: analyzing the origin of your visitors, you will realize that most of them probably come from mobile devices.

Mobile usability is therefore an absolute priority. Also, there are special tools that indicate which changes to make and, above all, allow you to make your site work at any browsing speed.

If you need to do a performance analysis of your website, we at can help you. In fact, thanks to our analysis service, we process millions of data through artificial intelligence and we support you with their reading and understanding. We provide you with a series of tools that helps you with improvement of your website’s performance:

  • Heat maps: tracks the user’s navigation path by tracking where they click and what attracts their attention the most
  • Editorial plan: the creation of an ad hoc content plan to bring traffic to your website
  • E-commerce trends: trend analysis for digital stores
  • Trends: trend analysis for sites
  • SEO strategy: optimization of your content for search engines, so that your site is found by the user who searches for content like yours
  • Keyword planning: keyword research that helps position your content and get it found by search engines

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