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Stay Human: Create your Online Magazine with AI!3 min read

20 March 2023

Stay Human: Create your Online Magazine with AI!3 min read

Are you looking for a useful and simple tool to give life to your personal online magazine? No problem, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can come to your rescue today!

This increasingly-sophisticated resource is in fact able to very quickly give life to your content, which in turn can enrich your company website or blog. can therefore prove to be an excellent ally, since it integrates the advantages of AI with human inspiration. Let’s discover everything there is to know about the creation of an online magazine with the support of AI.

Starting with the Basics: How to Create an Article with AI

It goes without saying that the basis of any online magazine will always be interesting and informative articles that are well written and SEO-friendly (i.e. easy to find in search engines).

Starting from an initial input, such as entering specific keywords, the AI builds a piece in a few minutes: it will be the first piece of a more structured site where readers will find insights, fact sheets, static pages, etc.

In just a few minutes the content we need will be available—broadly speaking. The intervention of a human being will always be necessary to correct typos and conceptual errors.

In this phase, in fact, Artificial Intelligence is mainly based on the immense body of data available on the net, so if the original sources contain errors, we will find the same errors in the automatically-generated content.

The Edit and the Editorial Plan

Artificial Intelligence can certainly help us develop an editorial plan for our magazine, but even in this case, we will always be responsible for selecting the most suitable content, giving them the edit we prefer.

For example, Artificial Intelligence can offer us a bulleted list of articles related to a specific topic to be published in our magazine: the final choice on which ones are the most valid and those most in line with our corporate image will, however, always be up to us, real human beings. It will also be our prerogative to enrich that specific article with our opinion on a certain topic, a precious element that AI is not yet able to add.

Let’s imagine that we want to start a music magazine: the AI will be able to help us in drafting articles containing the tracklist of an album or the biography of a singer; however, human intervention will be necessary when it comes to writing reviews, correcting fake news and selecting whether certain information is worth a piece in itself or is simply an update to an existing article.

The Value of Proofreading and Originality

As predicted above, the value of human beings in the creation of online content is still fundamental to ensure the highest possible quality for an article. AI is still imperfect and can make grammatical or semantic mistakes—and horrors! Proofreading is therefore crucial, even more so when we are dealing with less technical and more creative texts.

Even if AI is making incredible progress, with a speed that takes your breath away, it is worth noting that at this stage journalists and content creators should not worry in any way, as there is no risk of AI stealing their jobs. On the contrary, AI could be a very useful aid for those who create online content, as it simplifies certain processes and helps us focus our efforts on creativity and originality, two invaluable assets for creating an online newspaper that wants to position itself well on search engines.

If, by the way, you are looking for new ideas for your online magazine but don’t know which way to turn, is the platform for you! Thanks to you will be able to bring to life all the content and articles you need, thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence with human creativity. Find out all the details of this platform by activating your 7-day free trial! Spoiler alert, in addition to text it is now possible to obtain fantastic images thanks to the AI Art function!

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