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What Is The Growth Perspective And Current Value Of Content Marketing? A Brief Analysis3 min read

12 August 2022


What Is The Growth Perspective And Current Value Of Content Marketing? A Brief Analysis3 min read

We live in a world of content. Everywhere we turn, on television, on the street, on the internet, everything nowadays is content. Often creative, intriguing, original, and always functional for the same objective. 

To sell products or services and present one’s business in the best possible way. At this point, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the content that appears in front of our eyes every day. 

Especially if we consider that we live in a situation where new social networks or platforms pop up like mushrooms every day. These allow us to express ourselves through content. In such an ever-changing context, it is clear that content marketing is crucial for anyone with a business to promote. 

Let us analyse the current situation to understand the prospects for growth. And what strategies are worth applying to avoid being “left behind”.

Content Marketing: What The Data Tells Us Today

Recent research by Research Drive revealed that the global content marketing industry is expected to generate over $137 million in earnings by 2026. This is a remarkable increase from 2018 when this sector generated only $42 million. We are talking about a growth of 16% in just six to seven years.

For this analysis, Research Drive considered the growth of the current market with future industry forecasts, analysing the performance of websites, online and offline newspapers, magazines, and books. 

The study, carried out in 2021, also considered the role of the Covid-19 pandemic regarding content creation, online and offline. Those who lacked the opportunity to present their products and services live during the most acute phase of the pandemic relied on Internet content as an invaluable resource for brand awareness. 

In many cases, the challenge was brilliantly overcome: Instagram and TikTok proved valuable allies in this respect.

Prospects For The Development And Growth Of Content Marketing

The pandemic marked a watershed for many sectors, and content marketing was no exception. What is happening now that the pandemic is slowly receding? 

The market, as we said, is growing continuously and will continue to expand in the coming years. Everyone, by now, is doing ‘content’, some better, some worse. So it’s is necessary to be aware that there will be increasingly fierce competition. And that it will be essential to sharpen your weapons to avoid being left behind.

At this stage, investing in creativity and original products is necessary. These in the future will increasingly succeed in convincing users overwhelmed by a continuous flow of content, often cheesy and all the same.

In parallel, it is worth starting to study the world of Artificial Intelligence, which although not (yet) a perfect substitute for the human intellect, is a valuable tool for speeding up specific processes and creating content in less time.

Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: What To Do

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