How To Create An Editorial Plan With Google My Business And Why It Is Important For E-Commerce4 min read

28 October 2022


How To Create An Editorial Plan With Google My Business And Why It Is Important For E-Commerce4 min read

Google My Business is one of the most effective and user-friendly tools for improving the online visibility of businesses. This tool intercepts end users’ purchase intentions through targeted strategies.

Google My Business will make you appear in search results and on Google Maps. You also can choose how you present your company to your online audience. There’s a chance to enter all the necessary information about your products. 

You can also interact with your current and potential customers through posts. The service also offers you the possibility of integrating customer reviews and feedback.

Correct use of Google My Business requires developing a precise editorial plan. This saves you time and increases visits and sales on your e-commerce. Here’s a brief of everything you need to know about this.

How To Register With Google My Business

Registration is very simple. Enter the main page of Google My Business and click on the ‘Test’ button. You then enter the name of your business, your address, the delivery area of products ( (if any)), the type of business, and your contact details.

 Your profile is now ready. A verification code postcard is sent to the indicated address to complete the process. After entering the code, your My Business account is now active.

Opening A Google My Business Account May Not Be Enough

Being present online does not necessarily mean being seen. Creating ad hoc content that entices buyers to enter your online shop and purchase your products is essential. Creating posts will make you stand out from the competition.

As mentioned above, it is imperative to be consistent during content creation. And to structure a precise editorial plan that includes regular publication of posts.

Creating A Post For The Editorial Plan

Google My Business posts are beneficial in helping e-commerce or businesses present their products and services immediately in Google search results. However, like any other online content, the posts need curating and managing with a broader overview.

Creating a post is very simple. Once in your account, click on ‘Create post’ or ‘Post’ from the menu. At this point, you will have to choose the type of post you want to create. You have several options. It could be a photo post, a video, a post containing offers or advertisements, etc.

Google My Business will now ask you to insert an image, a text description, and a call to action. For example, ‘Click here to access the offer!,’ This will eventually allow you to create an event with a start and end date.

The post will appear to the end user to the right of the search results on Google. It will remain available for seven days, then disappear. Google My Business does not currently allow scheduling posts.

How To Structure An Editorial Plan For Google My Business

By now, you know what Google My Business is and how to create a post. However, content needs publishing with a clear rationale for a winning strategy.

For e-commerce, developing an editorial plan according to the special offers and discounts you decide to apply to the product or service on sale may be very useful. Think of planned festivities, sales, and events already planned.

If you already know you want to propose special offers on the prices of your products, you could include the relevant post in the editorial plan. For example, 20% discount on Christmas items, click here!

Creating an editorial plan may seem daunting for a newbie, but it is not so complex. Google Sheets comes to your rescue in this regard. It allows the creation of calendars that you can easily update quickly and easily. The editorial plan will help you prepare posts’ publication well in advance.

Depending on your needs, you can rely on an editorial plan for your Google My Business posts monthly or annually. Of course, having an editorial plan in itself is not enough. You must also have content to include within it.

Contents is the best option if you just created your Google My Business and need relevant content to post.

With Contents, you can create and transform all your content needs, integrating artificial intelligence with human creativity. Learn more about this one-stop platform by activating your 7-day free trial!

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