How to greatly improve the user experience of your e-commerce4 min read

18 June 2021


How to greatly improve the user experience of your e-commerce4 min read

If you’re launching a new product and you don’t know how to properly engage your customers, here’s how to improve your users’ e-commerce experience.

Placing a new product on the market is a delicate moment, particularly if your product category differs from competitors’ offering. In order avoid losing loyal customers, leaving them unprepared for the change, is always recommended to create a user experience around your e-commerce. This technique also works for targeting new possible clients.

How to improve the e-commerce users’ experience

The first thing to do is to drawing up an ad hoc strategic plan for the product, which should alway make reference to three key elements. Below you can find all the tips to increase the user experience of your e-commerce.

The newsletter

First element to consider is the sending of a newsletter. This is crucial to who already knows the brand, as it will make them feel as front row spectators for the unveiling of a new product.

Through the newsletter, you can provide products’ details and composition or reward your loyal customers with discounts and gifts. This tool increases the changes of creating a positive word of mouth among customers’ significant others (people who can add up as clients). Another benefit of newsletters is the capability of incrementing your brand awareness and distinguish it from competitors, though out also the attachment of customers’ reviews.

To make this user experience tool has the maximum effect for your e-commerce,  corroborate the email’s text with multimedia products, for example a short video which briefly announce the launch of the new product. Also this element could lead the customer to create a spontaneous review. Why so, a visual component is less tiring than a mere article written lacking any image.


Another really appreciated tool for launching a new product is the creation of a video campaign (or teaser) on the Internet. This is the most immediate method to increase the users’ experience on your e-commerce.

The teaser, is a marketing campaign tool, that does not immediately unveil the new product. The aim is to just give few features or clues (such as styles and colors) through catchy phrases, which sometimes may leave you ambiguous.

The teaser precedes the actual advertising campaign and by granting interesting information it elicits an emotional response in the consumer’s mind, altering their cognitive biases. A teaser campaign is successful when it creates curiosity and expectations to the user.

Opinion leaders

To launch a new product, another step to take (and perhaps the most important one) is to invest in advertising in social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. Using the contribution of opinion leaders can fully enhance the articles and exponentially increase the user experience of their e-commerce.

As an example, before updating the e-commerce portal with the new creation, you can involve some bloggers and influencers who, without directly showing the product to create expectations to future customers, will be able to explain the usefulness of the good with its strengths.

Influencers and micro influencers are essential to create brand awareness and hype, that is, to engage the public through a very effective marketing medium.


Last but not least, the care of the ecommerce portal pages is essential to increase the user experience. Whether managed on your own or curated by a professional, the home page is like a business card and needs to be taken care of in detail.

The optimal version of the home page, in fact, must represent three specific elements: functionality, minimalism and a coherent color scheme. Then you must immediately make clear the product to show. To achieve this, you need to use well-contextualized quality images and not fill the home page with useless items.

To this end, we must focus on order, clarity and intuitiveness. In other words, orient navigation. Here it is important to use the three-click rule, where the user makes only three clicks to move from one content to another.

Finally, here are other tips to improve the home page: attributes based on color, materials, sizes; automatic word completion; search by brand; filters by category. Improving the user experience of an e-commerce means helping the potential customer in the choice of his product. Numerous studies, in fact, show that if a web portal is well organized also from an aesthetic point of view, the user who has just made a purchase will return to buy in the same platform within three months of the first transaction.

So increasing the user experience of an ecommerce is easier and more intuitive than it seems, just adopt the right strategies that have been presented in this article to achieve satisfactory results.





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