Online Video Marketing: How Social Videos Help Your E-Commerce Conversions3 min read

10 August 2022


Online Video Marketing: How Social Videos Help Your E-Commerce Conversions3 min read

When we talk about online content, we refer to two types of tools: the purely textual ones, based on a ‘classic’ mode of fruition consolidated by centuries of use, and the video or image-related ones, which are more recent.

No one prohibits you from focusing on the dear old written characters. Still, in an ever-evolving technological context, it is necessary to be aware of the full potential of using video content, especially in a world where people have less and less time to read. 

These prefer to rely on more intriguing multimedia content to get the information they need. If people can avoid making the extra effort, they will choose the easier and less stressful option.

Here is why it is worth focusing on online video marketing and what growth possibilities it offers your e-commerce brand.

SEO Factor

Google tends to reward higher-ranking sites that fit a whole series of criteria that meet the user’s experience and expectations. As a rule, since video content creates a higher level of engagement, Google tends to rank web pages that also include video content higher in search results.

The presence of a video decreases the bounce rate. This is the percentage of users who visit a page and immediately ‘bounce’ away from the site. People tend to stay longer on the same page to watch the video. This factor is very important when we talk about SEO for any site.

Importance Of Data

If you have any doubts about including videos on your e-commerce sites, we recommend you look at the numbers highlighted by the latest surveys and research on the subject. Wyzowl, a company that deals with corporate video production, discovered that:

  • For 84% of people, videos play a key role in the decision-making process before purchasing a product.
  • 64% of respondents said they prefer to watch a short video when they want to go into more detail about a certain service or product.
  • For 94% of those surveyed, the presence of a video on a site increases the trustworthiness of a certain product. This content helps the end user get a better idea of what they will buy, thus limiting nasty surprises.

A Video Makes The Product “Real”

This is a rather intuitive concept. If you present what you sell on your e-commerce site by describing it only with text, the user will perceive a certain distance to the product itself. As mentioned above, a person needs as much information as possible to complete an online purchase when the product is not physically available in front of their eyes.

A video overview of the product or a step-by-step explanation of a given service will thus give the end user the feeling of having something concrete in front of them, not just a pile of BITs or MEGAs.

The Social Factor And Its Integration With The E-Commerce Strategy

In a world dominated by TikTok and Instagram, which recently announced its ‘tiktokilisation’, it is now impossible not to include video content in one’s business strategy. Short clips can be shared not only on your e-commerce site. You can also put video content on your social profiles to make your company’s products known to the widest possible audience. 

However, you must pay attention to the formats and characteristics of social videos. They must be designed in a vertical format to be intuitive and last only a few seconds, maximum of one minute. Quality and speed of use are the two mantras you should always keep in mind when creating video content for social media.

Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: How To Do It

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