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Call to action, what is it and how to write it: 7 useful tips to follow for success5 min read

12 April 2021


Call to action, what is it and how to write it: 7 useful tips to follow for success5 min read

Call to action is a very important marketing tool. This strategy is used in content of various kinds, both when it comes to online marketing and when thinking about offline marketing. However, not everyone knows what such a tool is. For this reason, it is appropriate to analyse everything there is to know about it.

This is what a call to action is but above all what advice you have to follow in order to be able to write it effectively.

Call to action: what is it?

First of all, we need to understand what a call to action is. Well, this technique is usually abbreviated also by the abbreviation CTA. Usually, a CTA consists of a phrase that entices the user to take action. In most cases, the call is inserted almost at the end of the content, to spur the eventual reader to take practical action.

What actions can a call to action encourage to take? Without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent CTA can entice the reader to buy a product. This technique is used to a large extent by ecommerce and promotional sites that need to advertise their articles. Professionals who offer services can also use this tool to sell various services.

Call to action can also be used to invite site visitors to subscribe to the newsletter. With an attractive style and perhaps also providing discount codes or exclusive promotions. The CTA can also be accompanied by graphic elements. In this case, however, to get a professional job, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the form to be inserted. In fact, it is often recommended to rely on a professional in the sector, skilled in content processing, who can satisfy the customer from an aesthetic point of view.

What are the tips to follow?

At this point, you have to consider what are the tips to follow when talking about writing a call to action. In fact, there are some tips to put into practice if you want to get satisfactory results. In this case, here are the top 7 tips to follow to write good CTA.

Firstly, we must avoid the banal phrases. In fact, many who create CTAs are tempted to write banalities of all kinds. Not by chance, it is very common to see calls now trite and trite as Click here! Find out now! and the like. However, these call to action are pretty ineffective, indeed they can annoy the user. For this reason, it is advisable to choose phrases that are original but that above all can entice the customer to discover more. Therefore, it is good to give vent to one’s creativity, trying to obtain a unique and original style.

A second tip is to stimulate the reader’s curiosity. For example, by inserting a link to the phrase Do Not Click Here, you are challenging the user’s curiosity. This trick can lead potential customers to find out more, but you’re doing it indirectly. Sometimes reverse psychology can work, becoming its own secret weapon.

The third tip is very important. Every seller knows that if they want to succeed, they have to do one thing: create a need in the potential customer. A good CTA will be able to do just that. In addition, the need must be created following also what is considered the scarcity effect. In practice, the potential customer must be made to understand that he must not miss the opportunity, but that he must take advantage of the favourable situation as soon as possible.  So, in this case the magic words to use are Now, Now, Limited Availability. In doing so, the user will be encouraged to take action in a short time.

The fourth and fifth councils refer to the graphic aspects of the CTA. A good call to action should be contained in a design-optimized tile. The button you should press should have the same graphic style as the site. At the same time, the CTA font should be clear and precise. Simply put, anyone should read clearly and captivatingly the action that the call invites you to take. In addition, a good image should also be connected to the call. In this case, it is good to place the image just above the call to action. It might seem insignificant, but it’s actually very important and can make the difference between buying a product and leaving the web page.

The sixth tip is to match a “prize” to the CTA. This means giving potential customers something unique if they take action. Usually, from this point of view it is good to make available to users, old and new, discount codes that can save on specific orders and products. Finally, the seventh council concerns the position of the call to action. Professional studies have established that the human eye reads a content on the web following a kind of F-model. Therefore, it is always good to place the call in the first words of a sentence. Some people think they are putting this magic phrase at the bottom, but that could prove counterproductive. By inserting the call instead in the first words of a sentence, there will be a greater chance of success.

How to write an effective call to action?

Writing an effective call to action is not utopian. Of course, if you want to get a good and effective job, a great idea may be to turn to professionals in the field.

Anyway, to recap, the 7 tips to follow to write a great call to action are:

  • Avoid trivial phrases;
  • Intrigue the reader;
  • Create a need;
  • Create the design of the CTA;
  • Associate an image to the CTA;
  • Match a prize at the call;
  • Position smartly this phrase.

It remains to put these tips into practice and experience firsthand the benefits that can be obtained thanks to a CTA optimized to the best.



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