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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Trends Between 2022 And 20233 min read

14 November 2022


Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Trends Between 2022 And 20233 min read

In this day and age, people think that only Instagram and TikTok exist as online promotion tools. Nothing could be more wrong! Facebook still represents an essential showcase for any company that wants to raise brand awareness, mainly if it aims to address a particular target group.

In a constantly evolving online environment, it is essential to be aware of the potential of this platform to structure an appropriate strategy. So, what are the current trends on Facebook that we will carry with us into 2023? 

Let’s find out together.

More Content From ‘outsiders’ On The Feed

On Facebook, as has already happened to Instagram in the wake of the success of TikTok, more and more content from users we don’t even follow will appear. Facebook has already confirmed its intention to double the news flow within the Home section.

With content in line with our preferences based on likes, comments and interactions. However, the classic Feed section will remain unchanged, with our friends’ posts, photos and videos in chronological order.

The aim is to foster new connections and move communities that will come into contact with new content. The direction for the rest is clear: Facebook too is trying to follow the new trend of which TikTok was the forerunner. And which Instagram is riding on with an algorithm that increasingly favours Reel creation.

The Role Of Video

The previous point has, as a natural consequence, the importance in the immediate future of creating video content. This will help brands to make themselves known. Thanks to an algorithm that will tend increasingly and massively to push short informative clips onto the platform. 

Today’s users have an increasingly low level of attention. A video of a few seconds is an excellent tool to immediately and effectively capture their attention.

So far, what has been said strongly impacts publishers’ and users’ feeds. There will be less and less recommended content links like newspaper or blog articles) and more and more videos. The way forward for brands seems to be already mapped out and is that of video marketing.

Facebook Live

With the pandemic, we have seen a real boom in live streaming on Facebook and Instagram.  A tool that has allowed companies to tell their story without filters and to show what is happening inside.

Through the tool of live streams, you can create an immediate and very personal connection with your audience. Allowing your current and potential customers to interact with you through reactions, emojis and comments in real-time.

Augmented reality at the centre 

With the birth and development of the Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg has tried to push users’ online experience towards as yet unexplored territories. Creating a true virtual reality where it is possible to move and interact from one’s avatar. 

Data provided by Spark AR Studio, Facebook’s Augmented Reality-based software, give us a complete picture of the situation. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will undoubtedly be the two main Facebook trends to watch in 2022 and 2023.

It appears that in 2023 Augmented Reality will involve half a million creators worldwide creating about 1.2 million content. Furthermore, in Q3 2020 alone, the content generated with Spark AR effects generated over one billion views. Numbers, it seems, are also set to increase in the next two years.

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