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Ho-ho-ho! Top tips for your Christmas social media strategy5 min read

16 December 2022


Ho-ho-ho! Top tips for your Christmas social media strategy5 min read

The Christmas period has always been a cross and a delight for all companies. On the one hand, there is the desire to celebrate, to finally take a few days off from the work grind (even better if with your loved ones), on the other hand, there is the awareness that even in the two most ‘magical’ weeks of the year, you will need to think about what content to post on social media and how to manage your assets on the various platforms. On the other hand, you know, business never goes on holiday!

Similarly to what happens in the summer, even during the holidays it is necessary to adapt one’s communication strategy to the period, without going overboard with ‘honey’ and planning content as much as possible so as not to have to come up with creative copy at 7.30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, risking arriving late for dinner with relatives. So here are some useful tips for a Christmas social media strategy that would make even Santa Claus envious!

Christmas communication strategy on social media: 5 useful tips not to be caught unprepared

Some people start engaging with ad hoc Christmas activities as soon as November arrives (like Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé!), while others prefer to get active from 8 December, just after the feast of the Immaculate Conception. In general, a good compromise could be to start planning content from 1 December, in order not to risk making your audience too anxious but at the same time not to fall behind with work. Here you can retrieve some more ideas on the subject.

Show the human side of your company

People usually think that companies are serious and very rigid entities, made up only of automatons who think of nothing but their work and their computers, obsessed with performance. Nothing could be more wrong! Human Capital’ is what very often makes the difference and creates proximity to business realities, whether small traders or multinationals.

If you are looking for a greater sense of connection with your current and potential customers, you could think about sharing some short videos on your social profiles where your employees wish your followers well; alternatively, you could show them in the workplace wearing Santa hats or with the tree decorated on the side (TikTok may be the right platform!). Beware though: the risk of falling into ‘cringe’ is just around the corner, don’t force anyone and try to make everything look as spontaneous as possible!

Create hype with a dedicated advent calendar

This is a strategy that should actually be structured well in advance (yes, in September, as soon as you get back from your week at the beach!): every day from 1 December you could create a special social countdown by presenting one of the products in your offer. This way you will create expectations in your customers, who will look forward to discovering a new box with you. Obviously, this is easier to do when your business offers physical products and not services, but not necessarily. Give your creativity plenty of room (without putting too much stress on your marketing department!).

Think special offers and discounts

Never before have people been so tempted as at Christmas time to spend a little extra money on last-minute gifts, lavish dinners and various decorations. What better incentive for another impulse buy than a special discount? Christmas-related flash promotions are much more likely to work during this special period, but they must of course be accompanied by a proper communication campaign. Fundamental to this are banners or pop-ups on your website, newsletters for your most loyal customers (whom you pamper with special discounts) and, why not, also dedicated articles on your (essential!) corporate blog. As far as social media is concerned, you could include links to discounted products on your website in Instagram Stories or offer customers a discount code directly.

Plan your editorial plan properly (preferably until January)

Nobody likes to work during the holidays even though, speaking honestly, we know very well that between the 26th and 30th many people have to return to the office and get back to their computers. By planning your editorial plan well in advance, perhaps as early as November, you will be able to come up with content that is unhurriedly conceived, with well-informed, error-free copy and with excellent graphics that you will have time to review and, if necessary, correct.

Whether you are planning for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or your own website, it matters little: taking your time is undoubtedly the right choice. Also because the risk is to post the usual meme of diners who have eaten too much or who have been asked awkward questions by relatives for the umpteenth time. Avoid, for the rest, the rehashed associations between women and crones on 6 January. More can be done, come on!

Dress festively, without overdoing it

Add new graphics and colours to your website and social media, include Christmas recipes in your editorial plan, tips for decorating your home, but why not also ‘unpopular opinions’ on the Christmas season that will increase engagement and involvement from your current and potential users and customers. Whatever type of content you choose to publish, try to make sure it is original, not obvious and above all not totally inconsistent with your tone of voice and corporate identity.

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