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Instagram and TikTok: tips and strategies for developing the ideal editorial plan5 min read

30 June 2021


Instagram and TikTok: tips and strategies for developing the ideal editorial plan5 min read

The starting point of each digital strategy should be the developing of an editorial plan for socials. By it we mean the creation of a calendar with publishing time for each content divided by platform. It will vary based on your business objectives. Are targeting a young public? Then use Instagram and Tiktok!

Priorly creating your editorial plan for both Instagram and Tiktok, let’s first discover what actually and editorial plan is.

Editorial plan: what is it and what is useful for

The editorial plan is a document which englobes all the types of content we have chosen to publish. Website, social network, newsletter: everything needs to be timed and planned based on our business objectives.

To note, when filling in the editorial plan you can either use a normal Excel file or one of the appropriated apps. The tool used is not important, it matter that the file contains all the guidelines concerning your contents: images, description, text.

Any type of editorial plan should be developed around the business objectives, even more if we’re dealing with Instagram and TikTok. What are Instagram and Tiktok useful for? Why should we choose them? Reasons could be several like increasing brand awareness, or strengthen its identity, or reach a younger target audience.

So firstly, pose your long-term objectives and the mid and short ones for reaching them. Then, once you have established your objectives, you can start developing your editorial plan.

Editorial plan for Instagram and TikTok: Tips

Prior starting, keep in mind that the two social works differently and therefore have also different affordability’s. Instagram has photos, lives, carousel, while TikTok works exclusively on videos. In addition, TikTok doesn’t have the need, like Instagram, of following a feed. From this point of view, your content will have more chances of reaching a bigger audience.

Another discriminating element is the public. It is true that Youngs love Instagram, but they’re not the only ones using the platform. While, on TikTok users are high-school aged or in their early 20s, Instagram’s users age is wider and more varied. Therefore, you could choose to reach out adolescents through TikTok and to target ‘older’ generations with Instagram.

The best strategies for a winning editorial plan

Having a strategy for you social accounts is essential if you want to reach your public. Priorly going in depth with the editorial plan, remember than on both Instagram and TikTok you can use ads.  It means sponsoring pre-created content. Once analyzed the Insights, you’ll surely know on which type of contents you should focus on when developing the editorial plan for your digital marketing.

Now let’s see how to develop an editorial plan for both Instagram and TikTok.

Editorial plan for Instagram

To create your Instagram’s editorial plan start by thinking of what type of concepts you want to develop. Instagram is a visual social, so reason about which graphics you want to associate with which topic. For each template create a mock content which has the carousel, a motivational phrase, a quotation, a reel.

Your feeds need to both stand out and be recognizable. Done this, develop the post format and identify the best publishing times. At first you will need to do some trials in order to understand how your public answers. After you’ll be better able to define your editorial plan.

On your calendar you should also list the hashtag that you want to use for each of the posts. Choose them to interchange some popular ones with some less popular, based on the type of post. The hashtag needs to describe and categorize the post they represent. You can therefore also create a group of hashtags that you’ll use whenever you’re publishing a certain type of content. Always discard the super popular hashtags as your content would get lost in a super crowed feed where nobody would notice you.

Editorial plan for TikTok

TikTok is the new generations’ social. Indeed, the average age is very low. Your Tiktok’s editorial plan should englobe videos, as this it the only format the cinese social allows you. In addition, TikTok rewards contents shared by other users. So for how much pretty it may look, the video must convey impulsiveness.

Although the concept must be thought out and shot carefully, your TikTok videos don’t have to reveal editing and post-production work. Do not forget that its runs very fast: the user switches from one content to another within a few seconds, viewing movies continuously. In fact, TikTok users are looking for entertainment: they are not looking for information or professionals, they just want to have fun.

In light of these features, your editorial plan for TikTok will include fun videos. A widely used strategy is to resort to challenges: the challenges between users to recreate a content. An example: Shakira invited fans to dance the choreography of her latest single, giving life to a challenge that went on for days. Remember: the challenges can be sponsored, so as to become viral. What’s better for promoting your videos?

Instagram and TikTok: the solution for your business

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