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Ongoing Trends On Tiktok: How The Platform Is Changing Social Marketing3 min read

7 October 2022


Ongoing Trends On Tiktok: How The Platform Is Changing Social Marketing3 min read

TikTok is terrible news for the boomers. The Byte Dance platform has become the reference point for Generation Z and beyond over the last two years. It is now the social space where you must be present to avoid falling behind and missing out on significant business opportunities and corporate visibility.

Of course, being on TikTok is not a walk in the park. The Chinese-founded social site that scares the hell out of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is so easy to use for the younger generations. 

These are accustomed to immediate, quick, amusing content and videos much more often than articles or ‘static’ content, thanks to their daily use of social networks. 

Understanding how TikTok is evolving today and anticipating the trends for the coming years is fundamental to building an effective business strategy right from the start. Here is a brief summary of all the current trends.

Tiktok As A Search Engine

Younger people or digital natives are using this social networking site not only as a source of simple entertainment but also as an actual search engine. Google no longer seems to be the site of choice for many digital natives today. 

They often turn to TikTok and Instagram to find the information they need. Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior deputy director, recently revealed during a conference that:

“About 40 per cent of young people when looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or ‘Search’, but TikTok or Instagram.”


This is undoubtedly one of the Tik Tok trends that appeals to all reading and culture enthusiasts. Recently, TikTok has become the platform where users share opinions on their favourite books. 

Sometimes launching veritable reading clubs allows the novel of the moment to skyrocket to the top of the charts. Thanks to the incredible social word of mouth.

For example, the book “It All Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover went viral on the platform and sold close to one hundred thousand copies in a short time.

Tiktok Exclusives

Once, it was Facebook, then Instagram, and now TikTok. The platform of choice for previewing launches of new singles, record albums, art projects, or TV series today is TikTok.

Many brands are using TikTok to publish short previews of new record releases or different projects. The latest to join the bandwagon was Netflix, which created an exclusive mini-series ‘Savati tu – Storie di Skam Italia’ with Pietro Turano for TikTok users. This was to launch the 5th season of SKAM Italia, to begin on 1 September.

Creators And Influencer Marketing

With a potential audience of millions of users, many more than on Instagram, TikTok is the perfect platform to publicise your company’s products and services. This is through using people with many followers who like to talk about your brand.

What Tik Tok offers over other social platforms is the level of ‘specialisation’ of each creator. Many of these have become true influencers because they have managed to create a niche audience for themselves, in line with the content they deal with. They also have an authentic and personal way of dealing with these specific topics. 

What Do Experts Say 

According to the Influencer Marketing Strategy, to be successful on TikTok, you must choose a personality in line with the product or storytelling you intend to tell. This will take advantage of your audience, regardless of the number, being certainly interested in what you are proposing.

According to the ‘TikTok Marketing Science Native vs Creative Advertiser Content Research‘ by Mindlab, collaborations with creators on TikTok increase brand ad view rates by 193%. These are important numbers which give you a chance to choose whether the content is or is not worth putting out. And the strategies to apply for your own business.

Bottom line 

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