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SEO and Social Media: why use an integrated strategy4 min read

7 June 2021


SEO and Social Media: why use an integrated strategy4 min read

SEO and Social Media: these are the tools that anyone who decides to approach the web must keep in mind. On the one hand, Search Engine Optimization, the optimization for search engines, and on the other the possibilities of interaction of social networks.

However, in order for SEO and Social Media to work as smoothly as possible, these two components need to be integrated into a strategy. Let’s see what it is and how to do it.

SEO: what is it

We said SEO is the optimization for search engines, that’s that set of strategies aimed at increasing the visibility of a site by improving its position in search results. One of the key aspects is the creation of quality content that will undermine competition. How do I achieve this? First of all, thinking about content that responds to the user’s requests, calibrated specifically on the search intent.

We can structure them by choosing the right keywords but always remembering that the user does not search for individual words as well as sentences, the so-called long-tail keywords. An example: the user will not ask Google for “SEO and Social Media” but “how do you make an SEO and Social Media strategy”. It is therefore necessary to write the texts taking into account, naturally inserting these keywords within our articles.

SEO is:

  • on page: the contents of our web pages created ad hoc
  • on site: optimizing the servers that host our domain
  • off site: external to the site, favored by links that refer to our content

Once we understand what content users prefer, we can structure it more easily. To find out which content performs best, we can use tools that allow you to monitor the audience of our site. There are also technical aspects to take into account: SEO is favored by elements such as mobile first site, page loading speed, attractive site design and quality content that can entice you to stay on our pages.

Social Media: how they work

Including what SEO is, speech is different for Social Media. While on a site there is the most institutional part of our project, in Social Media there is the more informal one. Social networks are a very important point of contact with users, contributing to the positioning of the brand in common perception. Thanks to social networks it is possible to interact directly with people, to encourage the sharing of our content: in short, to stimulate the relationship.

Of course, even if Social Media is an informal character, the language must always be adapted to that of a company or professional who proposes himself as such. A brand present in social networks can reach a multiplicity of people: this allows both to have immediate feedback and to understand what their requests and needs are.

In Social Media we can create groups, sponsor content for our target, let us know from users who did not know about our existence. And if those users share our content or feel close to our values, they will most likely become our customers as well. One advantage of social networks is sharing: content can travel very quickly from profile to profile, going viral and amplifying the message in a dizzying way.

Why integrate SEO and Social Media strategies

In light of what has been said so far on SEO and Social Media, it is clear that to establish itself, a web project must run along two lines. That is, to take care of both its positioning in search engines and its social presence. The reasons are easily guessed. First of all, it is not said that the public coincide: different users, different browsing habits. Someone could only use the internet to browse Social Media, while someone else might loathe Social Media and not use it at all.

But being present both at the SEO level and in Social Media allows you to reach both. Also, and this is a not insignificant reason, Social Media is a private property. The domain of a site, on the other hand, is exclusively ours. Let us not overlook the algorithmic factor. The content of Social Media often changes: content that works today, tomorrow could face a sharp decline. Just look at the recent drop in Instagram stories, for example.

Of course, Even Google’s algorithm is not exempt from changes. But quality user-centric content always remains the main rule: so if we have worked well, thinking about the needs of our visitors, there will be no algorithm that holds.





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