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Tools For Scheduling Social Posts: The Best Tools For Instagram, Facebook And Tiktok In 20223 min read

9 August 2022


Tools For Scheduling Social Posts: The Best Tools For Instagram, Facebook And Tiktok In 20223 min read

There are two ways to publish content on one’s social profile. You can do it manually or use automatic tools that schedule the process to your needs. Social Media Managers (SMM) may have extremely different publication needs depending on the subject matter. 

For example, those who publish instant news will hardly schedule the content that will go on their pages. Except possibly for certain editorials and opinion articles. However, SMMs who offer certain products or services on their site will normally have more room for manoeuvre in this respect.

There are various useful tools available today that will make your job easier. These will ensure that your content is published according to your editorial plan. You won’t have to worry much about it. However, you must absolutely get to know these tools when trying to lighten your workload and optimise your time.  

Here are the best ones.


Hootsuite is an excellent tool for scheduling content spread across social media. Among the most used by SMMs, this platform has a very intuitive interface.

The tool allows you to schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from a single dashboard. This tool allows you to schedule content and track the results while analysing your performance and social engagement.


SocialPilot is the most popular tool for content creators on TikTok. The tool helps to schedule the videos for publishing according to your editorial plan. Understanding the times of the day when your audience is most active on TikTok is very important. 

This will help you plan your content at the most suitable times to ensure the highest possible level of engagement. SocialPilot has a basic subscription plan for 24.65 euros that allows one user to manage 10 social accounts.


This scheduling tool allows scheduling your content by publishing it at your preferred date and time. The tool also has a built-in tool that allows you to edit videos to make them suitable for TikTok’s vertical publishing format.


Buffer is a convenient and functional tool for content planning on all social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The tool gives you insights into planning upcoming content based on the engagement gained from previous posts. 

Having precise statistics on likes, retweets, and shares at your disposal makes it easy to adapt your strategy,

Creator Studio

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook recently perfected this tool for scheduling social content. One of the main advantages of Creator Studio is integrating Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Meta) simultaneously.

This makes synchronisation between the two social media platforms easier and more intuitive. You can also draft content for scheduling and save it intuitively.

To date, Creator Studio is one of the best tools for monitoring, analysing and archiving the statistics of social posts, fundamental data for programming correctly on social networks and setting up an effective online editorial plan.


The popular tool allows scheduling posts and stories on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Latergram’s Pro version offers analytics of your performance on Instagram and interesting tips on the hashtags you should use. The tool also offers suggestions on the best times to publish your posts and stories.

Iku Social

This tool made in Italy couldn’t miss on our list of the best tools for scheduling on social media. Iku Social is ideal for small businesses that manage small numbers and low levels of engagement. This is because the tool lacks special data or advanced tools for managing a team.

However, it’s still a wonderful and simple tool for scheduling Instagram content for any SMM. Compared to its competitors, this tool is affordable. With a basic monthly plan of 4.95 euros, you can manage three Instagram profiles and get 200 MB of storage space. 

If you are looking for more tools for content creation and publishing needs, is the platform for you.

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