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What is the meaning of machine learning?3 min read

15 February 2024


What is the meaning of machine learning?3 min read

The term “machine learning” refers to a particular branch of Artificial Intelligence that has revolutionised numerous sectors and that has made many of the modern technologies we use every day possible.

It is a process that takes advantage of certain complex mathematical models to allow computers to learn completely autonomously using a data set, without the need to provide them with direct instructions. Through the use of algorithms, machine learning is able to identify patterns in the data, which are then used to create models that can make future predictions. Over time, the machine gains enough experience to develop more and more extraordinary capabilities, similar to the way humans improve with practice.

Because of its flexibility, machine learning appears to be very effective in contexts where data is subject to continuous change, where the needs or tasks to be performed are constantly changing, or when defining a solution through direct coding would be practically impossible.


What is the relationship between AI and machine learning?

As you can imagine, machine learning is a part of AI, and could in fact be thought of as a subset of it. Within an “intelligent” computer system, we can see the emulation of thought processes is very similar to that of our own brain, and capable of operating autonomously. To train a computer to simulate human thought, you can use what we call neural networks, which are a series of algorithms whose design is inspired by the workings of our minds.

Closely linked to the concept of machine learning is deep learning, which in practice corresponds to an even more advanced variant of machine learning that uses neural networks to process questions. 


The Benefits of Machine Learning

This type of innovation, which is the basis of many generative AI tools (for example,’s AI Writer) has numerous advantages that are worth investigating, including:

  • It can help us in the automation of some work activities, resulting in the transformation of the labour market and the need to acquire new skills. AI is in fact able to speed up many processes, thus allowing workers to devote themselves to other more creative and less boring activities that still require human intellect;
  • It helps identify a pattern or model within structured and unstructured data;
  • It improves the user experience, through the development of chatbots that can respond to the needs of a business’s customers, quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Machine learning helps us tailor our services to the needs of our customers, making them feel more cared for and, as a result, more loyal. Machine learning can also help identify habitual criteria and behaviours, helping us optimise online product recommendations which are then even more targeted to our target audience. A satisfied customer who has been pampered properly is a customer who is more likely to come back and use our services in the future.


In light of the facts, it’s clear that machine learning has a series of characteristics that are very valuable to us. It allows us to develop systems that can facilitate our daily work, making it even more effective and thus increasing our productivity. If you are curious to learn more and discover the countless applications of this technology for your company, click here and activate your free trial of the platform now.

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