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How to increase your creativity with Generative AI3 min read

10 February 2024


How to increase your creativity with Generative AI3 min read

Every day we appreciate more and more the extraordinary benefits that generative Artificial Intelligence can bring to our lives and the development of our businesses. Among the countless possible fields of application is the world of creativity, an environment that has recently begun to fear this tool without fully appreciating the advantages that can be derived from it. Let’s take a look in more detail at how it is possible to increase one’s creative abilities using generative AI.


The theme of democratisation of innovation

The term was coined by Eric von Hippel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who since the 1970s has conducted research and written an extensive bibliography on the idea that the users of products and services could develop what they need themselves, rather than relying solely on companies. Over the next two decades, the idea of deeply involving users in the innovation process gained traction, and today companies use crowdsourcing and competitions to generate a multitude of new ideas. It must be said, however, that many companies are currently struggling to capitalise on these resources in the correct way.

Generative Artificial Intelligence allows us to overcome all these challenges. It is capable of enhancing the creativity of employees and customers, helping them to generate and identify innovative ideas, and improve the quality of ideas in their original state. Let’s see how.


Generative AI can stimulate alternative thinking

This precious tool can establish associations between very different concepts and generate original ideas from them. Think, for example, of all the images that a tool like AI Art is able to create starting from a simple prompt, i.e. from a set of basic instructions.

Imagination, in this context, has no limits. Rapidly and cost-effectively producing a multitude of original designs allows a company to quickly evaluate a wide range of product concepts. For example, a clothing company that uses generative AI could create new designs for its t-shirts, offering its customers constantly new and up-to-date collections.


Generative AI quickly delivers fresh and original ideas

During the initial stages of new product development, certain “atypical” designs created by generative AI can inspire developers in unprecedented ways, both in terms of form and functionality. This approach can lead to solutions that humans may never have imagined using a traditional approach, where function is typically determined first and form is designed to accommodate it. It is a very flexible approach, capable of opening horizons and giving life to often extraordinary objects.


Generative AI helps evaluate new ideas in the right way

Sometimes, during the creative research and development phase, we find ourselves “stuck” because we are unable to develop a precise evaluation of a decision to be made: this process often takes place when we do not really have an accurate and complete picture of the situation. Generative AI comes to our aid from a decision-making point of view, helping us to define the pros and cons of a specific business move.



Ultimately, generative AI represents an extraordinary opportunity to enhance individual creativity. Writing, visual art, music and many other fields can benefit from the innovative contribution of this technology. However, it is essential to address ethical challenges and preserve human artistic authenticity, without endangering those capabilities that we have developed over the centuries. If used wisely, generative AI can be a catalyst for creativity, opening new horizons and stimulating our imaginations in ways never seen before. To find out more and to start developing your creative projects, activate your free trial on the platform now.

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