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SEO for Bing: strategies and ranking factors2 min read

7 April 2021


SEO for Bing: strategies and ranking factors2 min read

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine that has shown over the years, since its inception (June 2009), that it knows how to react well to the competition, always recording constant growth at the expense of other less stable search engines.

On Bing, the SEO spotlight is then turned on, in fact the search engine manages to capture a good number of “searchers”.

The benefits of SEO strategy are appreciable and long-lasting, so let’s see together how to design it for Bing

The first steps into Bing

The first essential thing is definitely to report your site to Bing. The search engine has its own panel that also offers the ability to scan certain URLs quickly.

When we send a URL, the search engine will then automatically plan the scan operation to the robot-bot, managing to include the pages in the index more quickly. However, this service is not available for subdomains.

SEO for Bing: the best strategies

Bing, as each search engine pursues its own goal, which one? Provide a relevant, complete and functional service. An SEO must never lose sight, in terms of optimization, in this case for Bing, one thing: content. Content must certainly be optimized, but just like Google, you should never lose sight of the concept of quality. Bing prefers relevant, original, and targeted content.

You should avoid content that is too short, but never resort to text duplication from other sources, the basic idea is to build sites with content that is appreciated by the user and not just by search engines. Another necessary thing is to build the site while keeping the code clean and simple and create a semantically well-structured information architecture. It is therefore useful to build an HTML map, present the XML Sitemap, and set the robots file.txt to allow the Microsoft engine (MSNBot) to index the desired pages.

Link building and URL clean Bing, in indexing processes look at the quality and not just quantity of BackLinks (those sites that from the outside point to our site and the most relevant pages of it). From the point of view of URLs, Bing prefers, as mentioned before, cleanliness and clarity, so it is important that the URLs are well delineated and “anticipatory” of the content of the page, possibly indicating the main theme.

Finally, Bing attaches great importance to the domain, which must be kept under eye and verified (also through the historian).




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