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Top 6 ChatGPT Alternatives for Social Media in 20234 min read

29 November 2023


Top 6 ChatGPT Alternatives for Social Media in 20234 min read

There’s no point in beating around the bush: at the end of 2022, the launch of ChatGPT (created by Sam Altman’s OpenAI) has shaken up the status quo, especially at the level of content creation. Using this Artificial Intelligence tool we were actually able to bring content to life very quickly and with a level of precision that was in many ways impressive (this is particularly true from a purely linguistic point of view).

The applications of ChatGPT are diverse, including creating social media copy, tailored based on the tone set in the initial prompt. It is essential to remember, however, that ChatGPT is not the only platform capable of achieving this goal successfully. Let’s therefore examine the current alternatives for creating texts intended for social networks and marketing campaigns. establishes itself as a cutting-edge content creation platform, exploiting Artificial Intelligence and enriched by precious human creativity. The platform has a wide assortment of features, ranging from generating newsletters and articles to creating high-quality, creative and copyright-free images.


  • AI Chat: This is designed to provide assistance and useful information to users, who can ask the tool for suggestions, advice or information on a wide range of topics. For example, users can get ideas on how to celebrate Halloween on social media, tips for promoting a brand abroad, SEO keyword lists, instructions on how to make an HTTP request in Java, explanations of the differences between branding and marketing, and information that they would have otherwise researched on Wikipedia. This tool is very flexible and there are no limits to the requests users can make. Additionally, users can completely delete chat history if needed.
  • Social Media Posts: Allows you to create short, practical publications on social media to improve interaction with your audience and highlight a brand. If you want to order multiple contents at the same time with a single order, just activate the BULK ORDER function. You can also customise various social publications for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or World Photography Day, select the language, choose the desired social media channel and set the tone of the text according to the needs of the desired result (a sentence on Facebook might need to be expressed in a different way and with a different tone on Instagram or TikTok, for example).


2. Chatsonic

Like ChatGPT, Chatsonic from Writesonic is based on AI, but with some additional features. It is built on the GPT 3.5 technology framework and leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to automate the creation of textual and visual content. For those who don’t really know where to start on social media, ChatSonic is a useful tool as it can guide us towards planning, creating and distributing content on various platforms (Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok etc.)


3. Poe

There is also an exclusive platform based on iOS, Quora’s Poe (which stands for Platform for Open Exploration). It grants access to a wide variety of conversational Artificial Intelligence platforms and through it, users can converse with chatbots powered by AI on a myriad of topics, from writing assistance to culinary adventures, and so on. For social media interaction, Poe is ultimately a much more interesting alternative option than ChatGPT.


4. Munch

There is also Munch, which presents itself as a valid alternative to ChatGPT for social media as it uniquely combines its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence with marketing analytics to extract the most intriguing and engaging parts of corporate videos.

Munch is a complete platform for video content that helps businesses (and ordinary users) in editing, automatic subtitling, publishing and uploading clips online. The editing of such videos can be delegated to AI, thus saving you the hassle of spending long periods watching entire videos.


5. Automata

This is a more complete alternative platform to ChatGPT than Munch as it simplifies the entire reuse and readaptation procedure both for videos and for text. With this tool, as an example, it is possible to reuse blog articles and e-books by transforming them into LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads and newsletter adverts.


6. Postly

Postly is a platform where you can plan, design and implement large-scale social campaigns. It is a tool that simplifies writing for blogs, ads and emails and also includes some interesting editing features for images and videos. Additionally, Postly streamlines your content approval workflow and related publishing processes. Its bulk upload ability is especially beneficial for social media agencies that handle multiple clients at the same time. It is therefore a tool that helps to enhance social interactions, increase customer conversions and generally strengthen the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.


So, it is clear that ChatGPT, although valuable from many points of view, can easily be replaced by other equally effective platforms. To discover all the potential of in specific cases click here now and activate your free trial.

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