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Creating a Lead Generation through SEO: winning techniques5 min read

28 June 2021


Creating a Lead Generation through SEO: winning techniques5 min read

Two tools for the creation of a Lead Generation through SEO are Landing Page and Call to Action. No matter what’s your business – product seller, service offer, informative – the websites’ aim is to make you be known and find a net of potential customers. 

In marketing language lead generation is used to highlight a strategy which has the aim of finding clients. Before explaining how to correctly optimize your SEO strategy, we will give you a cleared idea of what’s a Lead Generation

Lead Generation: what is it?

A lead is not a simple user but a client which we call Prospect. A prospect is someone who is potentially interested in the services offered by the company. The potential interest is shown for example by the online research of your website or the disclose of personal data for newsletters. 

Therefore, by Lead Generation we mean the binding of all the strategies which aim at acquiring and creating a clients list – all heavily interested in the products or services proposed. 

The strategies

Nowadays, the best strategies for creating a lead generation are online. Direct marketing companies invite users to directly register on the website through tools of call to action or landing pages. Therefore, the creation of a Lead can be the result of online campaign with payed ads (Pay per Click) which have the aim of targeting specific individuals. 

Opportunities that SEO offers you 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a component of the search marketing and has the aim of optimizing your website. The optimization will make your website more visibile in search engine browsers. The starting point when optimizing the SEO is identifying your core business through keywords. The keywords should describe your company, the values and the business objectives. In addition, they should be accurate so that the browser will easily identify them. 

Creating a Lead Generation through SEO

A very effective way to create a Lead through SEO is by establishing an editorial plan for the website. A good editorial plan should be rich, constant and well-defined. The more information the clients will found, the more comparison elements they’ll have and, the more they’ll be attracted by you. When this happens, a strong willingness to stay in contact with you will overwhelm them and here comes services like newsletter or Feed subscription. Contents that best position on the browser are the richest and detailed ones. It is an activity which takes time but which is later well payed-off: a well-written content attracts more clients. 

Long tail 

The long tail phenomenon is the one each SEO specialist aims at obtaining. Usually, the websites’ pages are optimized around two keywords but sometimes it happens that a good positioning is given by other keyword which we weren’t even considering. 

It is possible to leverage on this phenomenon by obtaining a lead in one of the most simplest ways. Take in account the analytical suggestions given by the search engine, which tell you how the user found your website. Analyze which were the non considered keyword which nonetheless generated traffic. Based on it we can later think of creating specific contents which englobe the subject of the long tail keywords. 

Beside long tail, the main keywords can lead also to other associated researches called query. Analyzing the query you can extend your editorial plan with contents which match them.

Behavioral metrics 

You should always analyze your users’ behavior. Behavioral metrics are all of the data concerning the users surfing on your webpage: time spent, number of clicks. The longer the article, enriched with details, the greater the chances of users’ permanence on your website. This will increase your behavioral metrics value. The higher the value, the better your positioning on the browsers. 

Landing Page: why is it important

What we’ve said so far has one objective: converting visitors into clients. To make a client disclose personal data by registering on your website it means they should have encountered quality content. The quality concerns also clients as a good SEO strategy is not based on the number of acquired clients but also makes reference to the value they attach to you based on your product and services. A good landing page therefore has the aim to attract and keep attention high. 

Some suggestions for optimizing a Landing Page are: 

  • The UX is fundamental as slow browser or an error makes clients abandon the page. 
  • The design should be catchy: colours, fonts, images. 
  • The landing page should be user friendly, the average time you have to catch the clients’ attentions is 5 seconds. Keep only essential information. 
  • Insert action buttons. Make them visible and recognizable from the body text. 

Call to Action: suggestions

The Lead Generation campaign has the aim of converting a visitor into client. The technical sectorial name for identifying the action of the user becoming a lead is call to action  

  • Use short and simple phrases which will better help the user understanding what benefits can take from registering. 
  • The Call to Action should be inserted in a well visible spot of the landing page. 
  • Use fonts which are visibile and in a big size.
  • Verbs concise and strong to ease comprehension. 

The web is overload of information, therefore adopting a well defined strategy will help you to stand out. A marketing strategy which helps you creating a lead generation though SEO optimization is one of the best. With this guide we aimed at helping you in the best way possible. 




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