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How to Improve Your SEO Strategy in 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Algorithm3 min read

9 May 2023


How to Improve Your SEO Strategy in 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Algorithm3 min read

The SEO strategy of a site must develop in tandem with the update of the dreaded Google algorithm, which is seen as both a blessing and a curse for anyone involved in the creation of online content.

The Mountain View-based company, however, does not change its algorithm on a regular basis just to spite us (although it is sometimes so frustrating it can actually seem like this!) Instead, Google (and generally all search engines) adapts to linguistic changes taking place and to the habits of those users who visit it every day.

In order to be able to keep up with the times, and not be caught unprepared by the next change in the Google algorithm, these days we need to be ready to change our content creation strategy, and we need to be aware that for the next few years it will be necessary to create articles, posts and insights that are able to be handled by Artificial Intelligence.

Valuable Content is Key

Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms “reason” in the same way as the human mind, evaluating and giving value to a particular text based on a series of specific criteria. The more the content is informative, well written, flowing and interesting, the more the algorithm will reward it, assigning it a better position in search engines.

Writing from an SEO perspective these days no longer means just putting words together in a way that makes sense, but inserting these terms within the structure of a grammatically correct sentence which in turn connects with the others: in this way we create a “context” for each single linguistic element.

The text must therefore contain a precise balance between the elements, which must make sense not only with respect to itself, but more importantly with respect to the rest of the sentence or paragraph—or even with respect to the entire article.

Keywords are No Longer Enough

In the light of what has been said so far, it is clear that it is now no longer enough to just “do your homework” prior to writing online content. It is not possible to just enter the keywords associated with the topic of the piece, but instead it is necessary to build new structures, new concepts, and make them as original as possible.

The ultimate goal, in theory, should be to anticipate the user’s needs even before he or she types any keywords into Google. What users search for most often on search engines are usually definitions and solutions to problems: structuring texts from this point of view could be an excellent starting point.

Furthermore, including Metadata (additional information useful for storing and retrieving the text over time, such as the author) in the article is very important, but so too is link building, with particular attention given to the use of those all-important internal links to the site.

Artificial Intelligence

On the SEO side, 2023 will also be a crucial year for the role that Artificial Intelligence plays in content creation. Automated tools will be increasingly used by businesses, and will be increasingly accurate. This is a real revolution for the world of copywriting and journalism, but that shouldn’t scare anyone who works in this sector., for example, is a company that uses Artificial Intelligence by integrating it with human creativity, which is still fundamental today for the creation of quality content.

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