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Mobile SEO: what it is and how to make a website mobile friendly2 min read

20 May 2021


Mobile SEO: what it is and how to make a website mobile friendly2 min read

The share of mobile traffic is growing inexorably, and obviously this fact is reflected in search engines. As always, any successful strategy should start with performance analysis and data collection. Mobile indexing tests will still take several months and so far there is not much information on how SEO ranking factors might change in the future.

Mobile SEO: what it is

The mobile SEO is the dynamic design of a website, which meas that it’s optimized for mobile devices. However, as with dynamic publishing, having two separate sites has drawbacks in terms of maintenance. But be careful, because it’s better to have a fully functional desktop-only version than a poorly implemented mobile one.

The main mobile friendly SEO strategies

You have to identify the keywords people are looking for and find the ones that fit you. Good content remains good content and creation guidelines remain universally valid even when users change platform.

It is important that it is well structured, informative, easily scannable and has attractive titles. Long tail content is universally considered to be of great SEO value. On the other hand, having less is not the optimal solution, especially if there is an obvious inequality between desktop and mobile versions. Expandable content will not be devalued on mobile devices.

Loading time is critical for mobile SEO. You should avoid using Flash, but at the same time you should not abuse Javascript. Even popups and intrusive infographics are not recommended. Try to reduce the code and redirects, optimize images and videos, and if they are not essential, delete them.

Many mobile users look for local businesses, so specify your name, phone and address. Make sure the information in your pages is consistent and up to date. If you’ve followed all the content creation guidelines listed so far, fixed all the technical issues and optimized the content, now you have a website perfetc also for mobile devices.

Verify that buttons and links have sufficient space (fingers block the display and do not have the accuracy of a mouse). Try to keep a lean layout so you don’t have to go through many pages to reach the target one. And if you add HTTPS to your webiste, it will make it safer.




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