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SEO copywriting: what it’s and the main writing techniques5 min read

11 June 2021


SEO copywriting: what it’s and the main writing techniques5 min read

SEO copywriting is the set of all those strategies aimed at optimally positioning yourself on search engines. SEO copywriting is a key element within a website placement strategy. SEO copywriting, in fact, is an activity that serves to create texts that are pleasant, captivating and useful for users, but at the same time valid to obtain a good ranking on search engines.

To achieve these results, it is important to know a series of SEO techniques and strategies without which it is practically impossible to get noticed on the web. A correct use of the rules of SEO copywriting, in fact, helps the spiders of the search engines, responsible for scanning and indexing the pages present on the web, to give your website greater visibility.

A fluid text, easy to read, interesting, greatly affects the user’s experience and his satisfaction. The happier and more satisfied users are, the more search engines will reward, increasing your website’s ranking. So let’s see how SEO copywriting works and what are the main writing techniques.

SEO copywriting: writing techniques

SEO copywriting, as already mentioned, is the art of writing SEO-optimized articles so that you get the best possible score in terms of content value from search engines. The content that is most relevant, in fact, is rewarded with greater visibility on the web.

SEO writing, therefore, focuses on creating useful, valuable, valuable content for users, using specific keywords within them to be easily found by as many people as possible. The more users view our website and articles, the more our content is shared on social media and blogs, the more authoritative our site is. All these elements are taken into account by search engines, which will reward the quality of your content giving you even more visibility on the web.

Those who implement SEO copywriting techniques in a correct and performing way manage to scale the SERP thanks to the work done on each content. So let’s see what are the main tools that can really make a difference in terms of ranking.


At the base of SEO copywriting there is undoubtedly the search and selection of keywords. There are several online tools that you can use for free or for a fee to always have new keywords to use to implement your editorial plan.

In addition to the study, however, it is also important to carefully select keywords based not only on the search volumes of the words themselves but also on other parameters. For example, keywords should also be selected according to the type of your website (online shop or information site), as well as the goals you want to achieve.

In the analysis it is also necessary to evaluate whether it is appropriate to use the long tail keywords, composed of three or four words, which better frame the specific requests of users. Such a choice on the one hand results in a lower volume of searches, on the other hand it ensures better targeting and less competition. Long tail keywords, in fact, attract users interested in exactly a certain topic, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Once chosen, the keyword must be repeated in the text, but avoid repetitions and annoying redundancies. Users and search engines don’t like unnaturally written texts, so they always use synonyms or related terms to create semantically consistent content. You will thus be more authoritative.


The title is the first thing you read in an article, so it needs to be effective and engaging to get users’ attention. In addition, it should contain the main keyword, in order to position itself correctly on search engines.


Text structure is critical to proper SEO copywriting. In order to position itself optimally, each content should be divided into paragraphs and paragraphs, using the title tags H2, H3, H4.

Text splitting, in addition to helping search engine spiders understand what your article is all about, help users a lot in reading. If their experience is positive, they will be more enticeded to share your content on other platforms, increasing the visibility of your site.


What everyone is asking is: how long does it have to be along a content to position itself well? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, it all depends on common sense. Keep in mind, however, that search engines now penalize superficial content, which does not deepen or sufficiently develop the chosen topic.

It then points to quality content that improves your ranking, deepening a topic enough and trying to respond to user search queries. Always remember that you’re writing for a real audience in the flesh, and not just for Google spiders!


In SEO copywriting, the use of internal and external links takes on strategic importance. Internal links, in fact, facilitate the navigation of users on your site, increasing their stay time and thus improving the ranking.

External links, on the other hand, must be carefully selected, citing authoritative and reliable sources. Using this tool also greatly increases the visibility of your site, improving its ranking on search engines.

Meta description

Meta description is the short description that appears below the title and link in search engines. It must be consistent with written content and above all appealing, to entice users to click on your article.


In SEO copywriting, URL also assumes importance in terms of placement. Be sure, then, to enter the main keyword inside to increase the visibility of your website.

The techniques of SEO copywriting are many and require time, attention and dedication in order to improve the positioning on search engines. Beyond these techniques and strategies, however, always remember to write valid, interesting and relevant content to meet the needs of users. After all, “Content is king” as one Bill Gates used to say.




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