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Local SEO: strategies to improve the positioning of a local company4 min read

25 May 2021


Local SEO: strategies to improve the positioning of a local company4 min read

Good SEO positioning is crucial for a local business. Thanks to it, it is possible to gain greater visibility and greatly increase the number of customers.

At a time when leaving brochures in mailboxes is no longer enough and when there is fierce competition, the right SEO strategy can help you attract new potential customers. How SEO positioning works for a local business and how it can be useful for you to boost your business.

SEO positioning of a local company: what is it?

The Local SEO allows you to optimally position your company on search engines so as to be visible to potential customers when they perform local research related to the products and services you sell.

On-site and off-site SEO optimization allows potential customers to immediately appear when they search for certain keywords or indicate a specific geographical location.

To achieve this, however, it is necessary to do a precise job so that your content, which is interesting for the search engine, is rewarded with greater visibility than the competition.

Local business: why is SEO positioning crucial?

A good SEO placement of a local business can bring many benefits. An effective Local SEO, in fact, allows you to consolidate the relationship with customers who already know your company, providing additional information that may be difficult to spread by other means, such as opening times or phone number.

The SEO positioning of a local company, however, also allows you to attract a new potential target market, stimulating the curiosity of the public and encouraging them to become your customer.

Which companies can exploit it?

The Local SEO should be used and exploited by all those who have a strictly local clientele. The tourism sector is the one that most of all should use the local SEO positioning to attract new customers. Making a local promotion is really essential for activities such as hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants.

The sector, in fact, thrives thanks to tourists, who in most cases become aware of the entertainment opportunities of a geographical area through the web. It is therefore advantageous to use local SEO positioning techniques to get more visibility and thus increase conversions.

Among those who can benefit from these positive aspects there is not only the tourism sector, but also those who have a retail shop, grocery stores or freelance professionals who can benefit from different advantages and opportunities through the geolocation of their website.

The strategies of Local Link Building

To improve the SEO positioning of a local enterprise, both on-site and off-site strategies can be used. With regard to the on-site strategy, we must always start from a correct selection of keywords and the creation of in-depth and relevant content.

For the promotion of a local activity it is very common to use local link building, that is the use of keywords such as “service + location”, based on the activity that takes place and the place of interest. Even description and meta tag title are very useful to place your site among the first search results, so they will have to indicate location and type of service performed.

Here are some examples to improve your positioning strategy through local links:

  • Local sponsorships
  • Participation in local events and communities
  • Sharing useful and truthful information
  • Creativity and inventiveness to get reviews from customers

Building links and collaborations with other local activities can only help increase local visibility in the Google Serp. For an effective EES strategy at local level, it is essential to create original, relevant and in line with the needs of the local public. Applying all these steps with constancy and continuity will increase over time contacts and conversions.

Other possible local link building ideas

  • Local meetups or ncontri in your area to be always present;
  • Local directories that can help your business in local positioning;
  • Local reviews: find sites that allow the insertion of local reviews for your brand;
  • Local blogs: insert your own content with links;
  • Local associations like directories are a great place to place a link.

Finally, to further improve off-site SEO positioning of a local enterprise, you can leverage link building strategies, involving authoritative and relevant sources to your industry. By creating useful incoming links, you undoubtedly increase the visibility of your brand, but also the possibilities of growth.

This type of online marketing is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a small investment in economic terms and time you can achieve important results and greatly increase your business volume. The important thing is to provide precise and detailed information about your business and be present and available to your customers.




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