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Top 5 ChatGPT Alternatives for content writing in 20233 min read

5 December 2023


Top 5 ChatGPT Alternatives for content writing in 20233 min read

ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips since the end of 2022: the Artificial intelligence tool developed by Sam Altman’s OpenAI has radically changed the way many people write content, although it is in no way the definitive solution (and, often, as the platform itself points out, it is not always the most accurate option).

There are actually many other platforms out there which, starting from similar principles, manage to do the same job as ChatGPT, some providing even better results! Let’s take a look at what the 5 best alternatives to ChatGPT currently are for writing content.


Combining AI with human creativity, which is still essential right now, presents itself as the leading platform in the content creation market, whether technical or creative. guarantees its users a huge number of specific tools for every need: obviously in addition to the tool for writing content, we find another dedicated to the creation of a dedicated chatbot, one developed specifically for translations from one language to another and one designed for creating quality, copyright-free images.

Of particular interest for those who have to write all types of content is AI Writer, which allows users and businesses to create, among other things:

  • Blog articles;
  • Newsletters;
  • Copy for social media;
  • Copy for landing pages;
  • Creative pieces.

And by using the tool AI Chat, allows its users to receive assistance and information: users can ask the tool for suggestions or advice on a wide range of topics.

2. Chatsonic

Chatsonic presents itself as a chatbot that can help us in the writing process. This tool uses real-time data, images and voice search to generate quality content. Unlike ChatGPT, whose information ends in 2021, Chatsonic syncs with Google Search, thus providing the latest information on virtually any topic.

3. Jasper Chat

This tool is particularly suitable in the corporate environment, and is capable of generating texts using AI for sales and marketing: Jasper Chat therefore allows us to create written content by customising our voice, language and tone based on our various needs.

4. DeepL Write

DeepL Write is particularly beneficial for journalists, researchers and writers who feel the need for creative ideas, offering them suggestions for the formulation (and reformulation) of sentences and for word choice. There are already quite a few companies using DeepL Write to write concise emails, reports and presentations for their global clients. DeepL is also a tool known for its AI-based translation tools; in addition to correcting basic grammatical and punctuation errors, it also allows us to mould the style and tone of speech, resulting in high-quality content

5. Writesonic 

The platform offers its users a tool for writing articles and blogs based on AI, which creates SEO-friendly articles over 2,000 words in length. Plus, its website copy generator generates full landing pages with headers, calls to action, and more.


If you are one of those who wants to write online content effectively and quickly with the support of AI, you are spoiled for choice. Having said that, remains the best and most complete option available today, precisely in light of its countless features suitable for every need. Would you like to know more? Activate your free trial now by clicking here.


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