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Trends on LinkedIn 2022: how to change your editorial strategy in the next few months5 min read

28 June 2022


Trends on LinkedIn 2022: how to change your editorial strategy in the next few months5 min read

LinkedIn is the social networking platform for professionals by definition and, if used wisely, can be a helpful tool for networking, promoting your personal branding and finding new career opportunities. If you’re browsing this article, you’ll definitely want to learn more about LinkedIn trends in 2022, to understand how to create an effective editorial plan for you or your company. The first thing to know is that there are no magic recipes: knowledge of the hottest trends on the platform doesn’t mean guaranteed success, but it surely is a valuable way to amplify your content.
Starting with the basics. It is always important to be clear about who you are as a professional/company, what message and values you want to convey and which type of content can help you create value for your audience. Once you have defined these criteria, you are ready to create or update your editorial plan and follow the hottest LinkedIn trends to reach as many people as possible.

PDF: slideshows and content to share with users

At a time when slideshows are popular on Instagram, LinkedIn is also adjusting accordingly. Not so different from classic company presentations, on this social network, it is certainly worth uploading your powerpoints or, why not, the same images that then end up in the company’s Instagram or Facebook posts.

Also on Linkedin you have the the possibility to upload your slides in PDF format, so that you can inform your potential stakeholders about your structure, your organisation and, of course, also about your corporate goals and targets. A slide or an image with eye-catching graphics can certainly prompt users to find out more about you, compared to the classic, less immediate and more time-consuming long post.

Group photos of company teams or backstage photos of company activities are also very impactful since they give users a glimpse of the more ‘human’ side of your company.

Pay attention to job offerings and the inclusivity topic

We live in a world that is increasingly focused on delicate social dynamics and issues that may be of relevance to a mainstream audience, particularly young people who are desperately looking for work opportunities in these still struggling years.

An official company page, from this point of view, must also pay close attention to the job descriptions published in the appropriate section, trying not only to highlight the most positive and intriguing elements of the company but at the same time calibrating the language to avoid belittling or offending anyone. This is an element that should not be underestimated because it is becoming more and more frequent that screens of certain open positions go viral, causing serious image damage: it is all about the way you present yourself, transparency but also intellectual honesty, particularly when referring to starting salary or skills required of candidates.

The importance of videos, especially if you have less than 10,000 followers

In the age of TikTok, where most of the content that is produced online is mainly video, it is necessary to keep up with the times by developing top-fixed introduction clips that can best introduce us, especially if our company profile is still small.

To date, videos are the Linkedin content that generates the most engagement for smaller accounts, where by ‘small’ we refer to profiles below 10,000 followers. Above this figure, the pdf carousels that we previously mentioned usually perform much better.

In general, according to studies by Cloud Campaign and Social Insider, videos boast an average of 15% views: numbers that, as mentioned, can vary and go from 20% for smaller accounts to just 11% for those with over 50,000 followers. 

Create your own newsletter

Many people are convinced that it is enough to create just one piece of content per day to achieve the expected engagement result. This is not necessarily the case. The newsletter is a tool that allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest company news, information that can easily be ‘lost along the way’ in the ocean of content that ends up on LinkedIn on a daily basis.

The role of the newsletter is twofold: on the one hand, it allows companies to delve into topics that they are passionate about (and on which they can call themselves experts); on the other hand, it alerts users in real-time via e-mail and push notifications about the publication of the relevant content, thus becoming a tool with which brands can build a loyal and engaged audience.

Very useful, if not compulsory, are the constancy and regularity of the newsletter publication in this case. It is also worth emphasising how important it can be to include comments and questions in the newsletter post to prompt users to interact or actively invite them to subscribe to a specific service.

Always aim for an original Tone of Voice and non-trivial content (perhaps to end up in LinkedIn news)

On LinkedIn, we often read about stories that are either so sob stories (and so similar to each other) that they make you doubt they are real… or they are all so similar that they look like copy and paste. While this can sometimes reward you in terms of engagement, it can often undermine your authority, so the best strategy always remains: talk about what you know (and are knowledgeable about), find a tone of voice that identifies you (even ironic) and create original content that is helpful or empathetic. The more you can stand out in these respects, the better chance you have of not only reaching a loyal audience but also of being featured in LinkedIn news. 

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