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Tips for structuring an appropriate content strategy for the Metaverse3 min read

7 November 2022


Tips for structuring an appropriate content strategy for the Metaverse3 min read

By 2024, the market in the Metaverse will represent a turnover of over USD 800 billion, according to recent forecasts by the agency Riseatseven. But what role will content creation play in this context? What strategies should be implemented right now at the content level in order not to risk falling behind and missing out on valuable business opportunities?

Before trying to understand what content will look like in the Metaverse, it is worth taking a step back to understand, first of all, what we are referring to when we talk about this new reality.

The Metaverse explained in simple terms

This term, coined in the early 1990s, refers to a virtual augmented reality, parallel to the one in which we live. Within it, human beings can act through their respective avatars, interacting with other users or with Artificial Intelligence ‘creations’ and companies’ products and services.

Recently, for instance, it has become quite common to organise concerts or exhibitions, but also virtual fashion shows and corporate presentations within the Metaverse.

It is therefore evident that, given the premises, the contents in the Metaverse will be very different from those ‘in the real world’.

Creating content in the Metaverse

In light of the speed at which new technologies develop, it is quite difficult to imagine exactly what content will look like in the long term. However, as it is a parallel reality, within it basically anything is possible and there is plenty of room for manoeuvre.

There are basically two ways to go about the creation of content: on the one hand, you could choose to take care of the content yourself, and on the other hand, you could enlist the help of Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes and automate the creation of the content itself.

The elements of a successful content strategy in the metaverse

Any self-respecting strategy first goes through thorough planning, which will lead to the creation of content in line with the expectations and needs of your customers. Once the strategy has been implemented, monitoring will be necessary to see whether the efforts you have put in have actually paid off.

Regarding the Metaverse in this case, it will be important to understand:

  • What is the target audience;
  • What objectives you want to achiev;
  • What type of content you want to offer (text, video, photo);
  • What budget you have available for the various activities;
  • Which platforms are to be exploited (e.g. Roblox, Fortnite, The Sandbox, etc.)?;
  • What kind of experiences do you want to give users;
  • How to monitor the results and how to measure the ROI (Return on Investment).

It should also be remembered that companies wishing to create a successful content marketing strategy in the Metaverse will have to think about content that is as personalised as possible, reflecting the needs and tastes of each individual user. A striking example from this point of view is DRESSX, a fashion meta-brand that allows its customers to create and subsequently purchase customised clothes in the colours and materials they prefer.

To conclude: Whichever way you intend to land on the Metaverse, you need to be aware of the kind of investment that content creation (whether automatic or manual) will require from your company. We are not only talking about an investment in money, but also in time.

In this sense, can certainly come to your aid. With a platform like this you can create and transform all the content you need on an ad-hoc basis, integrating the use of artificial intelligence with human creativity. Learn more about this one-stop platform by activating your 7-day free trial!

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