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How to increase traffic and website visits: the best strategies4 min read

31 May 2021


How to increase traffic and website visits: the best strategies4 min read

Many think that to have a lot of visits and traffic on their website just create an eye-catching platform in graphics, responsive and with interesting content. Nothing could be further from the wrong. Readers’ audiences do not grow on their own, so you need to know and correctly apply some techniques useful to increase traffic and visits to your website. Let’s see together what they are.

How to increase traffic and visits to your website

A curated SEO strategy in every detail, pay-per-click ads, and eye-catching content can increase traffic and visits to your website. Here are some useful techniques to follow.

Use a performing SEO strategy

If you want to increase traffic and visits to your website, you can’t do without SEO. Placing your site at the top of organic search engine results means having more visibility. To get to the top of SERP, however, you need to optimize your site for search engines, according to certain rules.

First, carefully search and select keywords to use to produce your content. To get new inspiration, study which keywords your audience most uses and use them on your site. Create new, original and interesting content for your customers, that captures the attention of those who read you. By doing so, you’ll help customers find you more easily.

It also takes advantage of link building: search engines, in fact, give greater visibility to those content that is most linked by other pages. It then encourages high-quality sites to connect to yours. In a winning SEO strategy, you can’t miss local SEO. To improve your position in SERP, you can also harness the potential of local SEO, thus helping customers physically close to you to find you.

Use Pay-per-Click advertising

Organic SEO, although very effective, can take a long time for it to work properly. To increase traffic and visits to your website, then, you can use pay-per-click advertising (PPC). This is a type of search engine marketing that consists of paying to gain visibility on SERP. Advertisements, in fact, always appear among the first results of search engines and help you increase traffic on your site.

Publish content regularly

Search engines love new content on a website and reward those who offer up-to-date, original and interesting topics. To increase traffic and visits to your website, then, try to post regularly on your site.

Also keep in mind that to attract new visits, your content will need to be inspiring for your readers and in line with their interests. The more interesting you get, the more users’ permanence on your site will increase, increasing their ranking on search engines. Also, always remember that good content is usually shared on social media or linked by other sites, bringing you additional traffic and visits.

Another technique to apply immediately is to reuse and republish old content. Posts or articles published on the web tend to become obsolete in a short time, but updating and ripostng them, could bring you numerous visits.

Write guest posts on other sites

Writing guest posts on other websites is a very used technique if you want to increase traffic and visits to your website. This technique, in fact, allows you to propose your topics to a new audience, who may not know you, and that you can attract on your site by entering the appropriate link.

For this strategy to be really effective, always remember to choose blogs of people who have the same audience as you, then interested in the topics you propose. Also, to arouse more interest, write an impactful biography, which inspires readers to visit your site and get to know you better.

Write a newsletter

Newsletter is an effective marketing technique to increase traffic and visits to your website. You can send an email every time you post a new post on your site and maybe direct your audience to posts with related topics or the like. Also, if you want to do even more focused and accurate work, you can create mailing lists and divide them by topics. In this way you will get even more profiled traffic and really interested in the news just published.

Harness the power of social media

Social media can channel a lot of traffic and visits to your website. Simply share the newly published content on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, though, to promote your social posts even after some time has passed, as long as they are still valuable, useful and relevant to your followers.

To increase traffic and visits to your website you can also use paid promotions on social media, thus attracting the attention of those who do not yet know you. Finally, you can contact influencers who share your own audience and ask them to promote your website on their profiles. Implementing all these strategies, or even just one of them, allows you to increase your target target audience, thus getting more traffic on your website.





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