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4 tips to improve your site’s ranking on Google3 min read

7 April 2021


4 tips to improve your site’s ranking on Google3 min read

Climbing Google SERP: A SEO Battle! Who would not want to appear on the front page, or even in the very first positions? Well, this is a real challenge for those who want to grow their business and increase their competitiveness, but the actions taken are not always effective: infact, there are many problems in the indexing process.

Precisely to counter those who try to “deceive” the system, Google periodically modifies the algorithms that determine the positioning of websites, so you have to be versatile and adapt responsively. Now, we can finally lay the groundwork for building a really effective SEO strategy, but let’s go step by step.

Your site placement: How it works

A good SEO requires skill, time and experimentation. The best strategy is to act on multiple fronts, optimizing all those factors present on the site (HTML code, URL, title, meta description, texts, multimedia content, links, site maps, etc.).

The first aspect to be optimized is the structure of the website that must be as simple, clear and intuitive as possible. Create SEO-friendly URLs and links you need. For better indexing, all pages, documents, and images on the website must be identified by an effective URL. When is a URL structured correctly? When it is easily readable (even by a simple user!). It must contain the name of the site and the keyword for which you want to place without spaces, symbols or accented words. Therefore, quality is also important when it comes to links, so avoid writing URLs that are too long or repeating the same keyword multiple times. Today, though, doing SEO means something else.

How to improve ranking on Google

SEO Optimization : where to enter keywords? As you may already know, the on-site factors that you must necessarily optimize by entering the appropriate keywords are the domain name, URLs, images, anchor-text, headers, texts, and meta tags. The more appealing they are, the more likely it is to attract clicks.

Promote your website: in terms of visibility, it undoubtedly rewards building profitable relationships with institutions, businesses, consumers, and influencers. Quality backlinks allow you to elevate the authority of your website and thus the perceived value of Google. The more spontaneous these connections are, the better è.La of relationships for this purpose is called “link building”. Attention: this is an extremely delicate activity, which can lead to heavy penalties if perceived as forced by search engines.

A separate speech deserves the user experience, understood as the sum of perceptions, emotions and sensations that the user experiences while browsing a website. There are many more, such as mobile optimization (smartphones and tablets) and a safe browsing experience. Better visibility and positioning also on Google Maps! So far we’ve talked about how to improve your website’s ranking in organic search results.

Another important step of the strategy is to sign up for Google My Business. If Google trusts the card and the information you provide, it will automatically improve your ranking. As for distance, Google refers to the data entered or automatically detects your location. Now that you have a general overview, all you need to do is plan your strategy.



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