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Landing pages for business sites, a tool for increasing conversions4 min read

30 October 2023


Landing pages for business sites, a tool for increasing conversions4 min read

Creating one or more landing pages for business sites is one of the methods that helps increase conversions. Studying, schematizing and creating a complete and authoritative professional website is important, but thinking about excluding landing pages is a mistake that could cost you dearly. 

Creating an institutional site in which there are sections such as the homepage, the About Us page, contacts and useful resources is important, but it may not be enough to transform the user into a customer. Landing pages for business sites are for just that: they allow you to stand out from the competition, to attract new customers and to increase your conversion rate. Let’s see what their main characteristics are. 

Landing pages for business sites: why are they useful? 

Landing pages for business sites are web pages that are inserted in the navigation menu and often in sidebars or banners. They differ from blog articles because their ultimate purpose is to get users to take a certain action

Usually, blog posts or homepage and About Us sections tend to inform the user or provide them with a basic service, such as a generic contact form. Landing pages for business sites, on the other hand, aim to convince the user by offering them an activity useful for their work, and not necessarily linked to direct monetization. 

What are they for? 

Landing pages for business sites play a crucial role in the inbound marketing process and in that of the customer journey. By adopting the right marketing strategy, in fact, it is possible to create a path to guide the customer from a point at which they do not know your brand to that of purchase and loyalty.

Landing pages, therefore, are an important hub for converting the visitor into a lead and finalizing the transaction. People arrive on your company website through different sources, such as blogs, social media, advertising banners and newsletters. 

Once you’ve funneled traffic to your site, you need to make sure you have the right resources to transform it into an internet marketing tool. 

Simple company communication, a description of the activities and services you carry out, and the contact form are all useful elements to explain to users who you are and what you do. However, these resources alone may be insufficient to keep your business thriving. This is why it is of fundamental importance to work on it, and not leave anything to chance. 

Why is it important to create them? 

There are many different reasons that can and should push you to create landing pages for business sites. The first advantage to consider is that they allow users to concentrate their attention on a single point of focus. Precisely for this reason, landing pages do not have sidebars, outbound links, photos or videos that are not functional for the purpose. 

Even the graphics of these web pages are different from the rest of the site, while maintaining the corporate colors. This is because they use persuasive marketing to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. 

The usefulness and high performance of landing pages for business sites are maintained only if the golden rule is respected: one page per service. In fact, it’s extremely difficult to get good results if you have a single landing page for all your activities and services. 

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are creating your landing page is to optimize it for a certain commercial keyword, capable of responding to a search intent that can bring in customers through Google searches. Then remember to make the page easy to reach through the navigation menu. 

How many types of landing pages are there? 

This type of question is difficult to answer, as this is a multifaceted area. However, it is possible to differentiate between different landing pages for business sites based on the purpose you want to pursue. Here are the macro categories: 

  • Sales page, designed for the direct sale of a good or service;
  • Infomercial, or a very long landing page for complex products that is rich in information and data;
  • Squeeze page, aimed at obtaining contacts for the newsletter;
  • Mini-landing site, or a site with a single page that is structured as a landing page. 

Along with these macro differences, we must not forget the typical purpose of an activity that creates a landing page on a site, namely to obtain requests for quotes. Creating a landing page of this type can have a significant impact on your business volume.

After analyzing all the characteristics of landing pages for business sites, it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that they are an extremely advantageous marketing tool. A good landing page, in fact, if created correctly, not only allows you to get contacts from new users, but also to increase the profits of your business. So why not take advantage of it right away? 

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