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The 7 Best AI-Based Chatbots of 20233 min read

27 November 2023


The 7 Best AI-Based Chatbots of 20233 min read

With the arrival of Artificial intelligence, many companies that previously relied mostly on customer service staffed by “real” people have slowly started to use automatic chatbots to support their customers in times of need. However, although chatbots are able to effectively handle moderately complex interactions (such as initial greetings and explanations of product features), their logic can sometimes fail to handle unexpected questions.

Some chatbots are better than others in terms of effectiveness, functionality and speed in providing the right solutions for the problems that arise before them. Let’s take a look at all the most interesting tools currently in circulation.


1., the market-leading platform of choice for content creation using Artificial Intelligence (with the support of human creativity) offers itself as the best ever choice, thanks to AI Chat in particular.

This invaluable tool was designed to provide assistance and useful information to users, instantly. Users can ask the tool for suggestions, advice or information on a wide range of topics. For example, users can receive ideas for celebrating Christmas on social media, tips for promoting a brand in another country, lists of SEO keywords to insert into WordPress, instructions on how to make an HTTP request in Java, or even information on how the Eurovision Song Contest voting system works. The tool is completely flexible and there are no limits to the requests users can make. Additionally, users can completely delete their chat history should they ever need to.


One of the goals of Sam Altman’s OpenAI invention was to help companies ensure an uninterrupted customer experience. It offers the possibility of carrying out real automated discussions with a machine, which is capable of replicating the tones and the language used by a real person. In short, the platform allows users to be offered the information they need without having to speak to an operator or endure prolonged waiting times.

3. Chatsonic

Chatsonic is one of the many GPT-4 AI-based chatbots out there, useful for automating customer service, sales, and various other business operations. Chatsonic boasts cutting-edge technology and is able to interact organically and intelligently with users, giving us the impression of being in the hands of a real human being


Another chatbot option based on AI is represented by this tool developed by Hubspot, a rather reliable and efficient tool designed to assist professionals in the marketing and sales sectors. connects directly to HubSpot, allowing the use of chat-based commands. It supports both natural and guided conversations, improving interaction, efficiency and a sense of involvement on the part of those who use it.

5. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat exploits complex algorithms and natural language processing to generate content quickly and seamlessly. Just like all tools based on GPT-3 technology (including ChatGPT) it is however only able to solve problems and help users with questions regarding facts prior to 2022. It can generate answers in 29 different languages, and is therefore suitable for various international markets.

6. YouChat

This tool allows, among other things, the rapid synthesis of a text, thus transforming long messages into shorter and more engaging content. Furthermore, in order to find the content we need it is often necessary to spend a lot of time on different search engines; YouChat automates this type of process, saving us a lot of time.

7. Bing

The latest version of Bing Chat from Microsoft uses OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-4 language models to engage in useful and interesting conversations with users. Bing Chat’s deep learning capabilities allow it to understand human language and generate reactions in real time. Unlike other chatbots, Bing Chat can even cite the sources for the generated content: in this way it presents itself as a particularly reliable and complete tool.



The presence of a real-time support chatbot is fundamental for any business, as it helps to consolidate the relationship with current and future customers. stands as an ideal partner, offering not only this service but also many others besides. Activate your free trial by clicking here to explore all the beneficial opportunities it can offer your business.

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