Is It Necessary To Have a Blog for your e-Commerce site?4 min read

17 October 2022


Is It Necessary To Have a Blog for your e-Commerce site?4 min read

A corporate blog is a handy tool for an eCommerce business, especially for up-and-coming companies. It’s also great for brands with significant sales results and a long track record in their industry.

The presence of a corporate blog represents a critical element of a corporate content marketing strategy. Because it allows a company to publicise its products and services with ad hoc insights, integrating specific details and trivia relating to them. 

The product page of an online shop usually contains limited information. A corporate blog fills this gap, communicating to users what may be missing on the product page. It is beneficial for brands just starting to make themselves known.

However, the presence of additional information is not the only reason why it’s worthwhile to start a corporate blog. 

Why Start A Corporate Blog For Your e-Commerce Site

With a corporate blog, business owners can integrate the information already present elsewhere. This allows users to get a complete idea of the product or service they will use. But there are also many other advantages.

Structuring Your Brand Identity

A company comprises products or services for sale. It is also an entity with a specific identity and values. The presence of a blog links your brand name to specific imagery in line with the expectations of your target audience.

Enhancing One’s Communities

In an increasingly social world, the role of creating a real community, such as a group of loyal people gravitating around your company, is vital. Individuals no longer want to be passive subjects who simply buy products. They often look for concrete interaction with any company.

Including the possibility of posting comments on a blog post or a social media post is a good decision. Your current and potential customers can give you their feedback to feel more involved in an honest conversation with your brand.

Seamless customer service

Through one or more posts on your blog, you can answer many of your audience’s questions on time. Some common doubts can be solved simply through a clear explanation immediately available to the user. 

For example, creating an article on payment methods on your site or how to return goods can be very useful. These are the most common problems that online customers face. Your customers and potential customers will not necessarily have to contact your customer service to waste their precious time. The answer will, in short, already be on your blog.

Improving SEO

For any online business, Search Engine 0ptimisation (SEO) is crucial. If a company does not appear in Google search results, it is as if it does not exist. That is why a company blog is so important. 

Creating articles with keywords related to your business will allow your site to appear as high as possible in search results. Achieving this may be unattainable without a corporate blog.

What Are The Cons Of Starting A Corporate Blog For Your site? 

Although having a corporate blog is good, those who intend to set up one must be aware of the cons.

Results will take time.

It is not enough to publish an article now and then without a precise editorial plan. This is because Google, at the SEO level, rewards both those who are precise and those who are constantly working on a particular keyword.

Whoever starts a corporate blog must know it will take a long time before getting the first results. Google needs a few months before indexing a site correctly and, consequently, for a blog to get its first visitors. Initially, access to the blog will be relatively low, but that is normal. Patience, they say, is the virtue of the strong.

Need for professional content writers 

Finally, you need bloggers capable of writing accurate, engaging, and SEO-structured articles. You need a budget for professional journalists or copywriters. In some cases, relying on Artificial Intelligence could be very advantageous.

As noticed above, a corporate blog is useless if the company only looks for immediate results and is unwilling to invest money. 

How To Create Content For Your Corporate Blog With Artificial Intelligence

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