The 5 Features That Every E-Commerce Site Needs2 min read

24 October 2023


The 5 Features That Every E-Commerce Site Needs2 min read

There’s no point denying it, e-commerce sites these days are popping up like mushrooms. But it is hardly surprising: in fact, the web offers businesses enormous opportunities when it comes to expanding their potential audience.

Selling online, however, is definitely not child’s play. Being able to generate leads on the net is not trivial; it requires a set of skills and, more importantly, precise elements and content which are not always to be found in sites that are new to e-commerce. Here is a list of the features every self-respecting e-store should definitely not be missing!

Punctual and Precise Descriptions of the Products

It has probably happened to you too—you enter an online shop looking for a product that you desperately need but it appears on the site in a generic way, with not enough details.

The more information users have at their disposal, the more they will be inclined to complete their purchase. Contents.com can help you with this, generating precise and punctual product descriptions quickly, with the support of artificial intelligence.

A Mobile-Friendly Interface

A huge proportion of users who make their purchases online are part of that group of current and potential customers who buy on the web from a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

It is therefore essential that the e-commerce site is optimised for mobile—which also helps with its position in Google search results.

Excellent Customer Service

Those who shop online very often find themselves having to deal with headaches of various kinds: problems with payment, doubts about shipping or returns, delays in deliveries or refunds, etc. Customer service is a crucial element of any e-commerce site and should be easily available to users via email, chat, social networks and, of course, over the phone.


The possibility for a user to comment on the products purchased on an e-commerce site has a twofold advantage: on the one hand it allows the customer to feel more involved in company processes, while on the other it gives other customers useful information on the purchase which they could not have found elsewhere.

Quality Content for SEO Positioning

Today, Google rewards all sites that are committed to the creation of original, interesting, informative content that integrates business services with additional information that can prove valuable for purchases.

These days, there cannot be e-commerce without a related blog edited and updated from an SEO perspective, to allow the e-commerce site itself to position itself better on search engines. If you don’t have the time to deal with it, don’t despair, because Contents.com offers you all the tools you need to optimise your online strategy. It allows you to transform and create the content you need by combining artificial intelligence with human creativity. To find out more about this platform, activate your free 7-day trial!

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