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TikTok marketing: find out how to transform it into an opportunity for your business4 min read

1 November 2023


TikTok marketing: find out how to transform it into an opportunity for your business4 min read

Digital marketing with TikTok: a path that many companies have found themselves following. And maybe you too have found yourself evaluating this option: both because TikTok is the social network that has been talked about the most in the last year, and because kids like it a lot. 

TikTok is in fact the social network that speaks to Generation Z, that of those born between 1996 and 2010. 

Developed in China from the ashes of, it is the social network most loved by very young people. And that makes it a perfect ally for your marketing strategy. But let’s see how to do marketing with TikTok

TikTok marketing: how to start 

When we talk about TikTok from a marketing point of view, two fundamental factors must be kept in mind: the target and the medium

In fact, TikTok does not work like the social networks we have been using for years: unlike the classic Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in fact, it is not necessary to follow a user to view their content. 

The app’s algorithm offers users content based on what they watch, therefore following their interests. This is how the right content can arrive in many feeds. 

Another feature to remember is the type of content: on TikTok, videos of a few seconds. As a result, not only do users view dozens and dozens, but they are participating because, in turn, they can easily create them. 

TikTok marketing: early adopters 

As far as the target of your TikTok marketing is concerned, the social network’s reference age is between 16 and 24 years. This does not mean that people in their thirties and forties cannot enroll, but that, more simply, they are a minority. 

It is known that in marketing, young people are considered early adopters, those who use new products or services first. Penetrating this market segment is useful for two reasons: on the one hand, it means testing the feedback that your product can have even in a wider audience, and on the other hand, winning customers both for the present and for the future. In short, position your brand for the adults of tomorrow. 

But of course, regardless of these positive aspects, the question to ask remains the same: does your product interest a teenager or a 20-year-old? Only in this case will you be able to proceed with your TikTok marketing strategy. 

Techniques and opportunities for businesses 

So, have you evaluated your product and services and decided that TikTok marketing is right for you? Well, all that remains is to discover the right techniques. 

First and foremost, take care of your videos. Not in a glossy way like on other social networks, but think of a fun and engaging idea: TikTok is entertainment

Challenges, lipsync and dances work well as content on TikTok: immediate content, which allow the user to move from one video to another with continuity. 

Now let’s get to the format: it can be short (between 3 and 25 seconds) or long (between 30 and 60 seconds and up to 10 minutes). 

But what you absolutely must not forget while planning your marketing plan is that on TikTok, videos are generated by the user. What does this mean? It means that it can’t be a company that creates videos, but people. That is, employees, colleagues or tiktokers, that is, the creators who get the most views and become the influencers of the social network. The content must convey an idea of immediacy. To encourage sharing, insert hashtags

The tools 

Despite the type of content, that is, user generated content, TikTok can be used for your business

In fact, you can convert views and contacts with a link in bio: you can direct users to your site, preparing attractive landing pages. And thus transform visitors into customers. At the same time, you can insert a TikTok button on your site to direct site visitors to the app. 

In addition, as with other social networks, you can use sponsorship: since there are still relatively few competitors, the ads will have an important level of penetration. You can create campaigns of different types: in-feed, brand takeover, hashtag challenge, branded lenses, top-view video. 

Choose the one that best suits your needs, always remembering that for now, costs remain higher than other social networks. 

Finally, keep an eye on the shop now button, to buy directly from TikTok. 


Lastly, here are the opportunities that marketing on TikTok can offer you: we have already talked about them, but it is good to emphasize them again. 

Thanks to TikTok’s young target market, if your proposal is on target, you can gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. Position yourself among the youngest, cultivating a community that will develop an emotional bond with the brand. 

For this aspect, don’t forget the TikTok for Good section: you’ll support causes that are good for your brand, inspiring young people. Now that you know the potential of TikTok and its opportunities, why not start using it? 

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