Positioning on Amazon: the best SEO strategy to sell products5 min read

8 June 2021


Positioning on Amazon: the best SEO strategy to sell products5 min read

By now most products and services are sold on the web. This, over the years, has led to a huge increase in the number of ecommerce as well as the exponential growth of Amazon. As it’s the world’s most used platform for online shopping, with around 300 million active users and more than 2.5 million sellers worldwide, having a good placement on Amazon allows you to get new business opportunities by increasing sales of your products. To achieve this, it is essential to work on the best possible SEO strategy to appear among the first search results.

How to optimize your placement on Amazon with SEO

Before analyzing what are the decisive factors for good positioning on Amazon, you need to start from the basics and understand how the world’s largest ecommerce algorithm works. Google’s algorithm, in fact, works very differently than Amazon’s A9 algorithm. While the first has as its main purpose to provide the right information to users with high quality content, the second has as its final goal the sale.

The best strategy to follow, however, is always the same: to be successful in this area, it is necessary to define your objectives according to the interests of the market, understanding and anticipating the needs of the users behind each individual search. Amazon, in fact, takes into account aspects such as reviews, the number of conversions and their value. For this reason, e-commerce puts products with a good sales performance and clear and relevant content at the top of its SERPs.

For good placement on Amazon and to increase sales, you’ll need to optimize your product pages and sponsor them. To achieve the goal, you need to know what the ranking factors are on the platform and how they work.

Product pages

The positioning on Amazon can only start from the product pages: the clearer, more immediate and able to make the customer understand that that particular product is right for him, the more visibility increases.

It is therefore essential to carefully select and insert the various keywords in the individual product sheets. A keyword search is also important to understand how users search Amazon.


Once the right keywords have been selected, they will have to be strategically inserted into the title, bullet points, description and so-called backend keywords. The goal, in fact, is to present the product pages in an appropriate way and to optimize them from an SEO perspective. There are many aspects to be taken care of.

As for the title, it must contain keywords that describe the product in detail. Information such as brand name, product and model should never be missing in this section but be careful not to repeat them too often or you will be penalized. In addition, Amazon has strict guidelines for compiling the title, so you are not allowed to enter the price or words such as “novelty” and “promotion”.

Backend keywords

In addition to the keywords visible to the public, there are also so-called backend keywords. These are nothing more than several long-tail keywords visible only to Amazon’s A9 algorithm that can favor or penalize strategic positioning. For this reason, special attention must be paid to selection and repetition must be avoided.

Bullet point

Bullet points are also important for good placement on Amazon, that is, the bulleted list where it is advisable to enter not only the characteristics of the product but also any benefits and benefits for the consumer. This will definitely increase users’ interest in the object.


The description section is a small space where you have to deepen the characteristics of the product, paying attention to repetitions and enhancing technical characteristics such as size, weight, materials and mode of use.


Finally, a good SEO strategy on Amazon cannot ignore the images. These must be in high definition and must comply with platform guidelines to allow users to see every detail of the product. For example, the background must be strictly white, while the product must occupy about 85% of the box. In addition, whenever possible, it is always advisable to insert the image of a person using the product in question.


No need to turn around, Amazon rewards those who sell with greater visibility. For this, carefully select the items and make sure that what you sell has a market. Also keep in mind that a competitive price and in line with competitors has its own weight to achieve good ranking on Amazon.

Reviews and Q&A

The world’s most widely used e-commerce owes its success to the importance it attaches to customers and their satisfaction. Precisely for this reason, Amazon has included among the main parameters of evaluation of user reviews and verifies their veracity with extremely strict controls.

From this point of view, the Q&A section is also important, where all the main customer questions are answered exhaustively directly by the seller.

Click-through-rate (CTR)

The last parameter amazon takes into account is the click-through-rate, which is the percentage of clicks a product page receives. CTR affects images, title, value for money, price and even product-related services, such as prime label.

Knowing the A9 algorithm and what are the parameters that affect it is essential to prepare an effective strategy useful to improve SEO positioning on Amazon. By applying all the strategies described, you will gain authority and gain greater visibility, exponentially increasing sales.




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